Why You Should Also Sell Your Products On Amazon

You may be wondering why you should sell on Amazon when you already
have a store? Well, whether you have a physical store or not, there
are many advantages of being able to sell your products on Amazon.
Initially, you have to set up an Amazon seller account and get your
products listed on their catalog. Then, you will be able to manage all
the orders and payments through Amazonā€™s online platform.

Now, why should you sell your products on Amazon?

  • Partner with a giant. In 2010, Amazon was ranked as the number 1Ā online retailer in the world. It sales increased by 40% to $34Ā billion. Amazon billed 10% of all online retail sales in NorthĀ America. Of course, a small local business like yours will not be ableĀ to topple down a big company like Amazon. If you canā€™t beat them, joinĀ them! That is why you should take advantage of their clout and benefitĀ from their success.
  • More credibility. While you can sell your products on your own localĀ business website, there are a good number of people that are cautiousĀ buying from you. Why? Many people are hesitant in buying online asĀ there are many scams involving online buying and credit cardĀ information used for fraud.

Good thing Amazon is well-known as an online store and is trusted by
millions of consumers. By selling your products on Amazon, you can
create a relationship with satisfied customers without any doubt
before buying – since they trust Amazon.

  • More reach. You have your work cut out for you – Amazon has one ofĀ the largest affiliate programs on any merchant site online. By listingĀ your products on Amazon, you can connect with the millions of partnersĀ that refer customers to Amazon. This kind of affiliation requires lotsĀ of efforts and money and as an Amazon seller, you get to enjoy all theĀ rewarding benefits in a more convenient and less expensive way. TheĀ partners you will gain from this is far more than what you will beĀ able to make if you would do this on your own for your business.
  • A bigger marketplace. The worldwide reach of Amazon helps you sellĀ beyond your locale. You can sell to customers from anywhere in theĀ world! You just have to plan a good shipping process. Not only thatĀ you can earn from all your target market in any state, but also fromĀ customers from as far sa France, Japan, Germany, and China! ImagineĀ being able to sell nationwide and worldwide without having to haveĀ enormous overhead costs.

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