Why PPC Advertising Works and Why You Should Use It

ppc1  Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC, is one of those marketing techniques that work, however many people scratch their heads at the exact reason why. The fact is that β€œpaid” advertisements are often completely overlooked; however companies are earning thousands of dollars in revenue from customers who are navigated to their page by these very PPC ads. So what is the motivation behind this migration? The following reasons are some of the top motivators that encourage customers to click on a PPC ad.

Indirect Attention

In many cases a PPC advertisement catches the attention of viewers due to the fact that it is something that interests them. This can be while consumers are reading a news article or e-magazine or an ad that is only relatively related to their initial inquiry. However, because the ad is interesting, they click anyway. This is why targeting niches that may are relevant to your product is so important. It provides an avenue for consumers who are already interested in what you are offering.


The fact is that if the PPC that pops up is most relevant to their search, chances are they will click it. If you include a picture with your ad, this can be even more beneficial to your click potential. The most prevalent PPC Company, Google, provides a quality score system that makes the system work for both advertisers and consumers. They only provide the best matches for the given keywords. This means that the ads that are provided are likely to get clicked due to their relevance of the search in question.

Is It an Ad?

One of the main reasons that PPC advertisements are so successful is the fact that Internet searchers do not realize that it is an ad. There are many users that are unable to distinguish between organic search engine results and paid advertisements. After all, they would not have searched for anything if they did not want to find results. If your ad matches their inquiry best, chances are it will get clicked.

The fact is that PPC advertising can be beneficial no matter the size of your business. Some of the main reasons that this advertising and marketing campaign is so successful are due to the following reasons:

  1. You can measure the success of your campaign. If it isn’t working you can change your technique, or discontinue it completely.
  2. It can work for you. The flexibility of PPC makes it appealing to many different types of businesses.
  3. Provides faster results than traditional SEO methods.
  4. It provides conversions for your site you may not have had access to before.
  5. Chances are your direct competition has already invested in PPC.

Learning effective PPC methods can be difficult; however once you get the hand of it you will see huge returns on your investment. Instead of having to wait around to show up at the top of search engine results, it will be there instantly.

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