What’s the Best Way to Target C-Suite Decision-Makers?

pexels-photo-1138903-300x200  Most companies want to market to a general audience with sufficient money in the bank to purchase their products and services. But some firms, particularly those in the B2B sector, need to grab the attention of C-suite executives – the real decision-makers in companies.

Targeting rare and specific individuals sounds like a bad idea for a business plan. But when a single person (or a small number of individuals) has control over an organization, then they suddenly become significant indeed. A lowly grunt can’t decide to buy your product unilaterally. Only top management can do that.

Marketers in industries like this, therefore, face a substantial challenge. How do you actually target these specific people in a way that will generate good returns?

PPC advertising is probably out of the question. Google is good at working out user characteristics, but it doesn’t provide options to display ads to C-suite execs and nobody else.

Similarly, SEO is also probably a bit of a waste of time. If the only people who can purchase your products are executives, generating more traffic seems like money down the drain.

What you need are channels frequently used by business leaders that allow you to target better. But where can you find them?

The Importance of Podcasts


For years, podcasts were just on-demand radio shows people listened to at the gym. Marketing professionals didn’t really pay them much attention. They weren’t that interesting. Most attracted a narrow audience, so they seemed marginal.

Then they began digging into the data. As statistics on https://howtoadvertiseonsiriusxm.com/ show, people who listen to this type of programming are much more likely to be decision-makers. Podcasts are incredibly popular, for example, among business leaders, people with degrees, and other high-flyers keen to educate themselves on the state of the world.

Podcasts are just the sort of rich and insightful content that they want to consume. Being an entrepreneur and being open to new ideas are not mutually exclusive categories. There’s massive overlap between the two.

Advertising on podcasts, therefore, is fast becoming the go-to method for B2B companies. They’re all looking for opportunities to grab the attention of CEOs and COOs and communicate with them directly.

Granted, not all podcast listers are at the top of their respective organizations, but there’s certainly a bias in that direction. And for that reason, they’ve become immensely popular in critical B2B industries.

Web-Based Radio Shows

Web-based radio shows are another example of how you can communicate with people at the top of organizations. Again, the demographic is very much skewed towards people in positions of power who can actually decide whether to buy your products or not, according to https://www.entrepreneur.com/. In many ways, podcasts were simply an outgrowth of this format, giving listeners a chance to determine what content they’d like to consume.

Targeting C-suite decision-makers, therefore, is never an easy task. Their time is limited, and there aren’t very many of them. With that said, they do enjoy specific media channels more than others, allowing you to go to them directly, instead of through their subordinates.

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