Want to Start Blogging? Here Are Some Key Things to Get Right First

Blogging can be a lot of fun as a personal hobby, but it can also expand into a well-paying job with the right approach. Whatever your reasons for wanting to start a blog, we’ve put together some key points that you should keep in mind before you decide to invest your time into it.

What Do You Want to Talk About?

All blogs need some kind of purpose or subject, even if that subject is just your personal thoughts. You could make the blog completely about you, but you could also relate it to a hobby or passion that you have.

How Will You Host It?

A blog host is important to consider because it’s where all of your content is going to be kept. There are some free blog hosts to consider, but we’d suggest paying for a service if you’re serious about getting your blog out there.

Do You Have the Means to Make More Content?

While most blogs are perfectly fine with just text, some of them benefit from having images, videos, and sometimes even audio. Just remember that you can’t take other people’s content on the internet and place it on your blog. You’ll need to have a way to take your own pictures and edit videos to place on your blog as content.

Pick the Right Domain and Blog Name

Blogs usually need a name and they always need a domain. Below, we’ve included a helpful infographic to help you with picking the right domain for your blog.

Infographic from:

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