Video Marketing – is it the wave of the future

Video is everywhere and most people have seen have seen a video online if they have searched for information online about virtually any topic. Video is an important part of online content and many websites are using it on a regular basis to present ideas and information in a way that people find easier to consume.

Is video marketing the wave of the future? Video presents ideas in a way that makes it easy for people to visualize what you want them to know. With many sites available to upload video, it is simple for a business to create interesting videos that can easily be shared across the internet. Here are some reasons why video is an emerging marketing tool.

  1. video-marketing  Everyone is connected to the internet most of the day, with some type of device, whether it be a smart phone, a computer, a netbook, a laptop, a tablet or an iPad, people are viewing more video more often. Short videos of a few minutes are a good way to convey an important message to these video consumers who have extremely short attention spans.
  2. Video can be produced by anyone with many different types of devices and it is extremely low cost to do so. Devices that were once extremely expensive are now affordable for most people and it does not cost very much money to obtain the equipment needed to produce a high quality video.
  3. play-300x96  Short clips can be created to garner interest. People watch these short clips and are then interested in clicking on links embedded in the video or under the video to visit a website where they can see more video and be presented with a businesses’ product. One great tactic is to create a storyline with a series of short clips. If you can grab people’s interest, they are likely to subscribe to your mailing list for updated video clips.
  4. Β It is simple to get your message out there. From beginning to end, videos can be created with a small investment of time and money, and they can be put out in front of an audience in a very short time. It is every videographer’s dream for their video to go β€œviral”, meaning that millions of people will see their video and share it with
  5. Video is useful to explain concepts and show people things. You can demonstrate a product or give a β€œhow to” that is useful and will be shared amongst your niche audience. The more useful the video, the more likely it is to be shared amongst users who are interested in your niche product and market. Once you have produced and posted a video, it can easily be shared by people simply by the act of them sharing a link with one another through email discussion and social media channels.

If you have not considered video marketing, it is definitely something that deserves your time and effort. Many people do not feel comfortable producing their own video, but it is completely affordable and cost effective to hire people to produce videos for your next campaign.

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