Top SEO Tips That Enterprise Marketers Must Focus On In 2017

keywords-letters-2041816_640-300x200  I really think – and have thought for years now – that the two most important SEO features that enterprise marketers must heed is keyword research and SEO blog focus. For my business, I’m constantly using SpyFu to make sure that I am not only using the proper keywords for my blogs, but that I also know what keywords my competitors are using most frequently, and what keywords I’m not using that could draw more visitors to my content. Keywords are just that important when it comes to your site, and investing in keyword research, which includes keyword density and keyword repetitiveness is so worthwhile.

Then I think ensuring that your SEO blog has outstanding content is directly linked to your keyword research. If you’ve done your job correctly, you will create content with keywords that are relevant, actionable and valuable, which also happens to be the three key factors for creating killer content.

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