The Top 10 Marketers You Must Follow via Twitter

follow  As an entrepreneur, receiving marketing tips in any way, shape or form will be beneficial for your business.

Sometimes it is difficult to spot which people are educated or experienced enough to hand out advice. Other times it is hard to receive advice for free or view online webinars without paying a small fee. Using social media to follow successful entrepreneurs and business owners is a great way to retrieve secrets and tips for free.

If you’re running out of fresh ideas or need some free advice, there are ten marketers you need to follow on Twitter to make social media advantageous to your business.

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is not only a seven-time New York Times best-seller, but he is also an adviser for business owners all over. He has successful experience in courses, coaching and consulting – all that have ended with positive results. He is a contributing editor for SUCCESS magazine, has been a keynote speaker and is the head of a company that provides online courses as well as in-person speeches and learning. He uses Twitter to share helpful links from fellow entrepreneurs as well as offer his own advice.

Mary Long

Mary Long is a ghostwriter and digital marketer. She is the head of one of the most successful ghostwriting sites in the world, Digital Media Ghost. As a digital marketer, she uses strategies that most people don’t initially think of which have helped her excel in the marketing world. She has been on popular sites such as Forbes, and the Huffington Post. She gives a lot of helpful insight and tips for marketers and brands through her Twitter feed. There isn’t a social media site that Long doesn’t have, so following her on Twitter is only the first step.

Ben Kaplan

Ben Kaplan has been working in the field of marketing for 18 years. He is the owner and founder of his company, Ben Kaplan Technologies and is an author, speaker and columnist. He is the cofounder of COO and also the CEO and founder of a top 100 PR firm in the United States, PR Hacker. Not only does he share helpful tips and advice through his Twitter feed but he also offers many motivational comments for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt, a former book publisher, shares many great links, free webinars and videos to help entrepreneurs become successful through his Twitter feed. He is now a best-selling author on the New York Times, the founder of and has been featured on Forbes list of β€˜Top 10 Online Marketing Experts’ of 2014.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty shares her knowledge via Twitter and gives tips for using SEO successfully. She is an SEO expert – if there is something that needs to be known about SEO, she knows it. She is the founder of Her company’s focus is marketing and how to connect advertisers to writers so that their content is promoted and used successfully. She is also a community brand manager for Internet Marketing Ninjas, the owner of and specializes in link building, social media marketing and online reputation management.

Twitter is only one of several social media platforms where you can get marketing advice from other successful entrepreneurs. The best part about utilizing social media is that the advice or links these entrepreneurs share is usually free! If you’re looking to receive other marketing tips, you can sign up for a free newsletter to get exclusive advice you won’t find anywhere else.

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