The Downsides of a Yellow Book or Yellow Pages Website

Back in the good old days, if you wanted your business to be noticed by a large market, you simply had to advertise on the Yellow Book or Yellow Pages. Now that the Internet has taken over, they have also adapted with the times and the hard copy was turned into Yellow Book / Pages websites. While the actual Yellow Book / Pages was very effective before and there online counterparts were also, now the usage has been dwindling because of a number of weaknesses.

No Ownership of Website

This is probably the biggest disadvantage if you own a Yellow Pages website. Technically, you don’t own that website, you are just renting it from the Yellow Pages Company. You are paying rent to them annually for them to host your website. If you also want to get out of that agreement, you won’t be able to use that particular website afterwards.

Ridiculously Expensive Compared to Other Options

You have to pay initially for the creation of your website and hosting, in addition to the annual rental fee. These expenses cost very high compared to other available options available.

Complications With Domain Name

If you register your website through a Yellow Pages company, basically, you do not own your domain name. In reality, the Yellow Pages company owns your domain name and you pay rent to use it. If you want to continue using that particular domain name after discontinuing your subscription to them, you will have to transfer the ownership. That would cost you money and also legal implications.

Making Your Website Stand Out Is Difficult

Different Yellow Pages companies create the websites they provide in bulk. That means they do not give the proper amount of time and skill in creating the design and content that each website needs. Most are uninviting, difficult to navigate, and not effective. Given that the websites are done in bulk, particular needs of businesses are not met. Thus, it would just a waste of time and money.

Inability To Maximize Content

The websites that they provide have certain restrictions in content that is posted. You will not be able to get the most out of search engine optimization (SEO), all the more with the new rules regarding SEO. There are also restrictions in coding and design. All these will prevent your way up in the rankings of search engines.

Low Conversion

Since the websites are not attractive, difficult to navigate and lacks in content, it would be very hard to be a magnet for your target market. Also, it would be more difficult to maintain old ones. Websites like these have low traffic and the conversion to loyal audience is dismal. You won’t be able to assess your performance and determine your return of investment.

Inability To Create Relationships with Customers

Having a great customer support is the way to go in maintaining a steady stream of income. With that, you will be able to take care of existing clients and gather more patrons. If you own your website, this will be a breeze. However, it is next to impossible to carry out such in a Yellow Pages website. If you are not able to interact with your customers, you will experience a decline in your business.

No Links to Social Media

Experts say that it is impossible to utilize the great marketing power of social media sites with your Yellow Pages website. That is such a shame since social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter are very effective tools in creating more awareness for your business’ website.

You should be aware of the weaknesses of Yellow Pages / Books websites. Study these alongside the pros and cons if you have your own website personally created and maintained. Most website and online professionals say that having your own website and domain name is far more beneficial to your business since you have total control of all facets. You will be able to customize your website’s name, have total control of the design and content, plus you will be able to integrate all your social media accounts. Then, you will be able to reach your target market effectively with the right message and practice good customer relations – which are all essential in making your business successful.

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