The Best Advice for Launching a Successful B2B Website

computer-desk-electronics-374074-250x167  You need to make sure your site is responsive, so that people who access it on mobile devices have the same quality experience that they would if they were on a desktop.

While this may seem obvious, a lot of B2B sites aren’t optimized for mobile, so you’re seeing businesses lose a chunk of mobile customers because their sites are slower, less crisp, and less attractive to this audience.

I also think that having an editorial content calendar is super important. These days, video content is becoming essential, so any content calendar should focus on a lot of video content, whether that means instructional videos, live streaming events or even behind-the-scenes footage, video must be a huge part of a B2B website.

It’s also essential to update that content at least once a week, so that you’re providing clients and prospects with new and relevant information that makes them perceive of you as an authority and therefore more credible and trustworthy.

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