The 10 Most Overused Marketing Words to Avoid

10-Most-Overused-Marketing-Words  All marketers, copywriters and anyone else creating an engaging copy know how difficult it can be to find words that will attract the audience.

Itโ€™s easy to choose words you already know are effective or words that you have seen in other successful copies, but is this really the route to go? The English language is vast โ€“ there is an abundance of adjectives and phrases which can be used to grab the attention of the audience but for some reason, the same boring and overused words are constantly chosen when it comes to choosing a creative marketing slogan.

There are ten words that are simply overused and unoriginal that should be avoided at all costs.

This word must have begun its origin sometime thirty years ago when people actually believed their products could spark a revolution. Unless your products and services are going to be the beginning of the next revolution, which may not necessarily be a good thing, this word should be avoided. It doesnโ€™t make sense and most material products arenโ€™t all that revolutionary.

Unfortunately this word is used so often it has lost its effectiveness. Are the features of your products truly new, advanced or original? Choose words that will highlight each specific feature of your product rather than a general word to describe your products as a whole.

If you are marketing to the public, then your product is not exclusive. Instead of using the word exclusive, be specific with your audience or who will be using the product. For example, be straightforward: for boys ages 5-9 or young women ages 20-25.

โ€œYouโ€™re unique; just like everybody else.โ€ Itโ€™s hard to view a product as original or unique when there are 500 other copycats just like it. Avoid using a general term such as unique or original unless you have designed a product that is truly unlike any other.

Scientific discoveries are groundbreaking; breakthroughs in the health field are groundbreaking; designing a vacuum that never misses a spot is creative and useful but not necessarily groundbreaking. Remember that strong adjectives will burn a place into the brain of the consumer โ€“ so your product must deliver those results.

Unless youโ€™ve designed a car that flies or floats like in Back to the Future, advanced doesnโ€™t seem suitable for new technology. Who views your product as advanced? Technology is continuing to grow, so there is always room for advancement. This word is not only overused but it can be confusing.

Is your company really a leader in its industry? Your business is probably following in the footsteps of some major corporations who have already claimed the title of โ€˜leaderโ€™. Leaders consist of brands such as Google, Apple or Wal-Mart.

Easy to use
With the direction technology has been going, everything has become easy to use. In fact, many people want nothing to do with it if their five-year-olds canโ€™t use it properly. Using images or videos to show a customer how easy your products are to use rather than telling them can be much more effective.

Take a few minutes and think back to the most exciting experience of thing you have ever done. Does your product compare to that scenario? If it does, it still may be beneficial to choose a more compelling adjective which will pique interest rather than simply sound good.

If you type the word โ€˜solutionsโ€™ into Google, pages and pages of businesses, products and websites pop up with the word in their name. Every business owner believes they are solving a problem with their product, so instead of stuffing your productโ€™s description with solutions, go deeper into the problem. Discussing some of the major issues and showing how your product works can speak louder to the audience.

Finding the perfect marketing techniques can be difficult and require assistance. If youโ€™re looking for specific marketing advice or tools to help your business become more successful, contact us today.

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