Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot: A Hire Every Company Needs to Make TODAY

technology-791029_640-300x141  As an entrepreneur, you know how hard it is to acquire customers. You have to invest aggressively in marketing, provide unbeatable products and services, and do everything else in your power to build trust in your brand. Good first impressions are essential to turning website visitors into paying customers, yet many business owners in {ip:cityName} repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot by ignoring one incredibly important aspect of legitimizing their companies: good copywriting.

Much to the chagrin of our grade school English teachers, grammatically correct writing is growing increasingly hard to come by. If you’ve browsed the Internet today, I’m willing to bet that you’ve come across multiple instances of misspellings, incorrect word usage, butchered punctuation, or some combination of the three. While these errors are fairly common and of little concern when they occur in your aunt Linda’s Facebook ramblings, they are incredibly glaring when they appear on a business’ website or in its newsletter. Many view grammatical mistakes as a signal of inattentiveness and unintelligence, two qualities no business owner in {ip:cityName} wants to be associated with. If you can’t take the time to double-check the writing that appears on your company website, can a customer really expect you to provide outstanding products and services? It might seem unfair, but to many would-be customers, the answer is “probably not.”

Enter the professional copywriter.

If you’re a control freak or a penny pincher, the very idea of hiring an outside source to take control of your company’s written content probably sounds blasphemous. It’s another added expense, no one cares about grammar in 2016, and after all, you did get a B- in freshman composition eons ago. What could you possibly have to gain by bringing in some failed wannabe Shakespeare?

Quite a lot, actually.

A good copywriter will be able to guarantee that every piece of written content you put out to the public, be it a product manual or a blog post, is grammatically sound. No matter how little stock you might place in properly punctuation, believe me when I tell you that this does matter. It’s very hard to trust a company that routinely uses the wrong homophone in its writing, and eliminating trivial mistakes is one very powerful step you can take towards legitimizing your brand name.

More importantly than that, a talented copywriter will be able to turn bland text into enticing, clickable content, designed to get stubborn viewers of your advertisements closer and closer to your website’s “Check Out” page. You can’t simply throw up a picture of your product with a price tag and hope to generate sales; you have to use colorful, persuasive language to actually get people to take action. There’s a reason Buzzfeed grew from relative obscurity into a household name in a few years’ time, and it’s because they have copywriting down to a science. They know what it takes to write in a fashion that invites consumer engagement, and a good copywriter will too.

If you find that your ad campaigns perform poorly or that your website isn’t generating the amount of sales you expected, reassessing your copywriting strategy is an excellent place to start trying to remedy these problems. It’s an immensely important task and one that you shouldn’t be trying to accomplish in-house – even if you did get a B- in freshman composition eons ago. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you hire a professional copywriter. They’ll turn your boring words into gold and allow you to focus your attention on what really matters: creating great products and a successful company.

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