Still Ignoring Social Media? Then Your Marketing Efforts are Falling Short

fb  Some business owners which may include you, come up all types of reasons why they don’t use social media for marketing purposes. Some say they don’t market on social media because their customers don’t use it, others say social media is for teenagers while many say they just don’t have time to bother.

All the various social media marketing channels including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube provide you, the business owner with tons of opportunities to share your content in order to get your messages out there. These channels are potentially far-reaching if you’re able to pull off the task of using them for creating compelling, shareable content.

If you believe that your customers are not on social media, think again. Numerous studies conducted recently have proven you wrong as most people today are very social-savvy online and are indeed using social media to not only socialize but also when they’re looking for information about products, services and brands.

Sharing Awesome Content Leads to Good Things

If people love what they’ve read, listened to or seen, it’s very likely that they will share your content on their networks. And when this happens, you’ll get a bigger audience that will come to trust and do business with you. Then that group of people will in turn, share your content so the entire cycle repeats itself which is all great for you as your business will thrive and grow.

Content Sources Are All Around You So Look Around and Find Them

If you’re one of the many business owners out there who doesn’t use social media for marketing purposes because you don’t know what to share, you need to take a good look around you as content sources are virtually everywhere. You can find share-worthy content on your website, blog, product demos, new products, industry news, FAQs, customer testimonials, etc., so you need to find content sources and then tap into them. You can then proceed to create social updates you can share with your followers.

Β Don’t Focus on the Sale But Rather Work Toward Building Real Relationships

The key to succeeding on social media lies in not focusing on making sales but rather on building relationships with your followers. Your goal should be to connect with your followers by being social, open and real. When you consistently share awesome content instead of plugging your products/services, with time your followers will come to trust you wherein they will turn to your business when they wish to buy the types of products/services you sell.

Marketing on social media is not an option anymore as it’s a β€œmust do” – that is if you wish to grow your customer base.

Considering the potential reach and positive impact social media channels offer, it’s important to take advantage of these opportunities to market your business. Nowadays, with so many consumers using social media, it’s a no-brainer for businesses to use these channels for establishing relationships with customers and increasing brand awareness.

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