Sharing: No Longer Just for Kindergarten

socialmedia-300x105  If you truly want to see your social media marketing campaign take off, you need to learn how to share. When you can increase the number of shares that your content and sites receive through social media, you will substantial growth in traffic, as well as conversions. Not only will the ability for visitors to share your content receive more traffic, you will also increase your rank in search engines. With so many appealing benefits why wouldn’t you learn to share?

Use the following strategies to ensure that the share buttons on your content are visible, available, and enticing to your visitors. How do you accomplish this? Use the following tips:

Ask Nicely

You may underestimate this tip. However, the fact is that chances are your visitors will not automatically think β€œI want to share this.” You have to encourage them to do so. Simply place the phrase β€œplease retweet” or β€œplease share.” This will prompt visitors to act. Also, ensure you are offering useful information; otherwise even asking nicely may not work.

Make Sharing Obvious

If your visitors have to search for your share buttons, chances are you will have limited shares. Instead, make sure they are visible on your page to ensure that you receive superior clicks. There are even website design techniques you can use to ensure that your social media buttons travel up and down the page as visitors do.

Make Sharing Appealing

You need to ensure that the share buttons are visible, but more importantly attractive and enticing to your visitors. In most cases a person will not want to be the first one to share your information. Therefore, you should take time to share it yourself and get some of your friends and family to do so, as well. This will make the share option much more appealing to your visitors.

Build a Brand that is Worth Sharing

There are certain names and brands that when you see them you think β€œNow that is something I need to read and share.” This is because they have established themselves as an Internet authority. While it may take work, you can achieve this, too.

Step 1: Only provide valuable, researched and quality information on your posts.

Step 2: Frequent other blogs. Make posts, start conversations and build relationships. Pretty soon you will have readers who want more of what you have to say.

Step 3: Make yourself accessible. This may mean going out, speaking about what you have to offer and become a person, not just a website. People like to follow people, not computers.

Step 4: Only focus on one social media site at a time. While it may be tempting to jump in and try to grow all of your social media sites, you should focus on one at a time, to ensure you grow it to the optimum potential.

When it comes to sharing the information you post, this can be a powerful tool to grow your business. However, to get your visitors enticed and encouraged to do this, ask, do it yourself, and make it visible and appealing. This will help grow your traffic, andΒ your bottom line.

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