SEO Measures You Can Do Yourself

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing term that’s thrown around quite often. That’s because of how essential it can be to your company’s advertising strategy. Best described as the act of optimizing your website content for search engine rankings, it almost guarantees visibility for your company.

While this might seem complicated, there are some areas that are simpler than others. Though you could hire a personal assistant like Dave Conklin to do it for you, you could also do it yourself.There are a few SEO measures, specifically, that you can look after.

SEO Tips You Can Do Yourself

Keyword Research

You won’t be able to implement SEO practices on your website unless you know what you want to rank for. In many cases, companies use industry jargon when setting up their website. That’s shown especially true in the text of the site, which is where you’ll do most of your optimization.

But, you need to ask; is this what potential customers are searching for? What are they going to type into Google when searching for a company like yours? Is that reflected in the content on your website?

You’ll need to determine the answer to each of these questions. Keyword research is the way to do that. There can be several ways to go about this, each of which are quite effective. Failing to go about it, however, means that any SEO you do could be ineffective.

Though this could be slow and painstaking, it will make a significant difference when you implement any other measures in the future.

Title Tags


Sometimes, a minor tweak to your website’s pages can make a significant difference. Armed with your keyword research, you can adjust the title tags across your website. You should do this for all of the pages you want to rank well.

You can do something similar with the ‘Headings’ tag inside your content. These changes will let search engines read through and categorize your content much more effectively. As a result, you should see a boost in your SEO.

While this could take time, depending on when search engines index, you should see an increase in your rankings over time.

Knowing Your Competition

It’s often recommended that you check out what your competitors are doing. That doesn’t exactly mean the companies that sell products or services just like yours. Instead, it’s the ones that rank well on Google and other search engines.

Search for terms that best describe your business and identify who comes up the most. This will give you ideas for content that could rank well online. While you’ll have to create content to a better standard and ensure it’s well optimized, it can be an effective strategy.

That doesn’t mean copying your competitors wholesale, however. Instead, you should adapt their ideas and develop your own content.

Wrapping Up

SEO as a whole can be quite complicated. As a result, you can often find yourself overwhelmed by trying to cover it. That’s especially true if you’re juggling your other marketing strategies and other business operations.

Often, outsourcing parts of your marketing can be recommended. Not only will it free up your time to work on other things, but it’ll be more affordable than you’d think.

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