Sealing The Deal: 4 Strategic Ways Realtors Can Use Drones To Grow Their Business

pexels-photo-319968-300x199  Every Realtor knows that buying a home is a much more complicated and emotional process than simply browsing through Zillow listings and finding a good deal. A home that captures the imagination and creates a sense of wonder will attract interested buyers faster, and elicit a much more powerful sense of urgency to close.

By using drones, this process now begins the moment someone sees a listing, instead of on the day of the actual walk-through. A good drone operator, working in tandem with a knowledgeable real estate agent, can create a visually appealing video that makes the home seem much more tangible and exciting than static flat pictures or a slideshow video will ever convey.

Home shoppers are visual people. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then it stands to reason that a video with panoramic aerial views of a property and a 360-degree interior tour will inspire and motivate a prospective buyer more than a few re-touched photos and a well-written property description. An agent looking to sell more houses would be remiss to pass on the opportunity to create these types of videos.

Here are 4 powerful ways you can use drones to grow your businessโ€ฆ

STRATEGY 1: Highlight Exterior Property Features In A More Captivating Fashion

Every home has exterior features that are distinct, yet hard to properly explain in a simple photograph.

For example, a listing that says a house has ample exterior storage space, with an accompanying picture of a wooden shed, does little to spark the imagination. But a drone video that showcases the 600 square foot custom-built cedar shed โ€“ complete with workbench, shelves and drawers for tools โ€“ would certainly pique the interest of a handyman dad who would love nothing more than to have his own workshop, as well as his wife, who doesnโ€™t want a weathered eyesore in her new backyard or a garage full of tools scattered throughout.

For bigger listings, a drone video of the pool, tennis court, and patio will present the amenities from all angles, provide better insight as to how the property is laid out, and display the overall feel and aesthetics of the home itself.

Most people have a hard time seeing the true beauty of great landscaping – or visualizing what two acres looks like – from a picture alone, but a cinematic video can make these types of things literally come to life.

Videos shot by drones highlight everything that is hard to put into words or measurements, and start to create an emotional investment the moment prospective homebuyers see the exterior of a house. And once your prospective buyers start visualizing what backyard BBQโ€™s are going to be like on weekends, they have begun the transition from browsing a listing to wanting a home. With well-executed drone photography and videos, this transition may very well take place before they even schedule an appointment for a showing.

STRATEGY 2: Deliver More Compelling Virtual Tours

Drones can be used to create captivating virtual tours inside a home as well. Every buyer has a different persona, and whatโ€™s important to one person may not be as important to someone else. A thorough video will highlight every nook and cranny, from the light fixtures to the breakfast nook, so that all of a homeโ€™s unique attributes shine through. This approach truly ensures that, โ€œno stone is left unturned.โ€

Interior footage can be filmed with other methods, but the reasons to use a drone are compelling. Hand-held video cameras might seem like a cheaper, easier and more hassle free option, but the end result will be lackluster at best. Youโ€™ll wind up with shaky footage that hardly compares in terms of quality or panoramic immersion of the home. Modern drones provide stable and smooth footage, and are equipped with 360-degree cameras that capture every inch of a house quickly – and with superior quality.

STRATEGY 3: Provide More Comprehensive Insight Into The Neighborhood

Aside from using a drone to showcase the interior and exterior of a listing, you can also more readily highlight the distinct beauty of the surrounding area. Whether it is a scenic overlook behind the cul-de-sac, or the perfectly maintained grass and flora of a nearby park, the compelling features of a homes location can be readily utilized to generate interest in the listing itself.

Beyond using the neighborhoodโ€™s appealing qualities as a sales device, the comprehensive view captured by a drone video can also remove location-based skepticism on the part of your potential buyers. Many people are easily soured by the negative reputation that an area may have. Others just may not realize how much a certain neighborhood has changed recently. Often times, in situations like this, if a potential homebuyer sees a beautiful listing at a great price, itโ€™s automatically assumed that there must be something wrong with the location. A sweeping video can present the local charm – and put uncertainty to rest – by clearly showing the immediate area from all angles.

Itโ€™s also important to remember that when people move, it often means a new neighborhood, new neighbors, new sidewalks and trees, and a complete overhaul in the ambience of their day-to-day lives. The use of drone videography can satisfy these curiosities in an immediate and powerful way.

STRATEGY 4: Cultivate A Reputation Of Innovation

Using professional drone videos can do wonders for your image and branding. While the use of drones in real estate is growing in popularity, many agents still have not caught on, which provides an easy, inexpensive, and powerful way for you to stand out from your competition.

Many shoppers who view your listings may not be looking to buy now – or even in the foreseeable future. But good agents know that the more they can do today to be remembered as resourceful and thorough, the more referrals and call backs they will get tomorrow.

With that in mind, a good drone video might not just help you sell a current listing, but it may also drum up future business for you as well. Home shoppers are wary of unproven and possibly unprofessional agents, and drone videos make it known that you are not a fly-by-night or part-time agent. It sends the message that you know how home shopping works, and that you are a dedicated professional willing to go the extra mile.

The Future Is Now

This an exciting time for Realtors who are looking to grow their businesses and increase their sales, since drone photography is more affordable than ever, but still only being used by the most proactive and forward thinking agents. With a minimal investment of time and money, you can quickly and easily provide a better experience for your clients, and build a better reputation for business, all in one fell swoop.

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