Running Out Of Content For Your Website? Do Product Reviews!

Many people are racking their brains daily on how to create more valuable content for their website – you are not alone. While it may seem that you have exhausted all your content ideas, there are more out there, just like doing product reviews.

More and more consumers are relying on product reviews before buying a product or subscribing to a service. Whether it is written by the company itself or other consumers, these reviews are a big factor in their decision-making. By creating product reviews, you will open a new box of content material that would be of great value to your target market.

You can write reviews for each of your product or service or you can create comparisons. There are many ways to showcase your reviews – do not limit yourself to just words! You can create videos, Keynote or Powerpoint presentations, infographics, etc. You can also share these reviews on your website and other relevant sites.

Some things to guide you before writing your product reviews:

  • Research well about each product on the manufacturer’s website, Amazon, and other websites you can find.
  • Research using a tool like Google Keyword what are the short and long tail keywords that are best to use for the product.
  • Also read the reviews of other customers, even the negative ones.
  • Take photos of the product or you can get images or videos online.

Take note of these when writing the review:

  • Plan how your review will be – how many words for the product description (probably just allocate 100 for that) and for the positive and negative aspects (which should not be lengthy as well).
  • Make sure that you write in the language that your target audience would understand. Avoid using too many technical terms.
  • Make sure to highlight the benefits of the consumer from using the product.
  • In writing any negative points about the product, make sure that you are not too biased. Even if there has been lots of negative reviews about the product, make sure to state these in a polite way.
  • Try using bullets to make it easier to read.
  • Supplement your write up with images of all aspects of the product, things that you want to highlight.

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