Reasons Why Your Website Stinks

Yes, you have a website thatโ€™s up and running. But is it working the way it should? Of course, it doesnโ€™t have to be perfect. However, your website may have a few kinks that may seem nothing to you but are definitely blocking your website from being probably the most efficient marketing tool you have. Here are some pointers you should take note of so that your website does not fail:

ADS GALOREย โ€“ If you have too many ads on your website, you will push people away. Once people see that there are so much โ€œsellingโ€ being shoved to their face, they are annoyed and will definitely leave your website.

YOUR WEBSITE IS NOT A MAZEย โ€“ Having a confusing website can definitely lose you potential sales. If your target market visits your site and canโ€™t find what they are looking for within a minute or two, they will immediately give up and close your site. You will have lost that opportunity to make profit.

LOW QUALITY OF LAYOUT & GRAPHICSย โ€“ If your website includes graphics that are poorly done, layouts that are ugly and distorted photos, your business will look like itโ€™s an amateur โ€“ even if youโ€™re an expert in your field.

LACKING IN CONTENT & NO CLEAR GOALย โ€“ What you put on your website does not only affect your selling to your customers, but also your ranking in search engines. You should make sure that your content is complete and easy to understand. Plus, you have to be clear in what you want your online visitors to do during or after visiting your website. Do you want them to go to your offline store and buy something? Do you want them to try out your product for free? Do you want them to join a contest? Your call to action must be obvious. After all, you created your website with a goal in mind โ€“ you have to achieve that!

BUYING SHOULD BE AS EASY AS 1-2-3ย โ€“ You have to make sure that itโ€™s easy for your customers to buy from your website. If your shopping cart or purchase page is hard to find, people will get lost and will leave immediately โ€“ without buying anything!

BE REACHABLEย โ€“ If you donโ€™t have any contact information online, people would think that your business is bogus or a bit fishy. By making your contact details available, they will be assured that they can contact you for any question or problem. Make sure that you include these: email address, phone number and store or office location.

INCLUDE IMPORTANT PAGESย โ€“ In addition to product details, promotion mechanics, company profile, you have to include important pages containing your privacy policy, terms and agreement, etc. These add to your credibility and search engines favor the availability of those information.

Overwhelming, huh? These may be a lot to digest and a bit confusing for you. Letโ€™s make things easy.ย Contact meย and I will be more than happy to help you.

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