QR Codes for Marketing: Do they Add any Value to Business Marketing?

qr-codes-for-marketing-do-they-add-any-value-to-business-marketing  For quite some time now, businesses and marketers had set their eyes on QR codes as an interesting development. Many people believed that QR Codes would offer better interaction between physical media and digital space. Though there has been an overwhelming push to get QR Codes on marketing and publishing materials, the skepticism about the real value of these codes still remains. Here are just some of the challenges that you may face when using QR codes.

The greatest challenge that businesses face when using QR Codes is the poor awareness among consumers. A survey carried out by Archrival study revealed that nearly 80% of students don’t even know how to scan the codes. Marketers are thrilled by the prospects of these codes and in the process of furthering their brand marketing; they fail to understand that consumers don’t think like them. Regardless of your passion for brand marketing, the average consumer may not fully appreciate the value of QR codes in the way that you do.

Next, you need to consider the basic subject of medium value derived from QR codes as media per se. Many businesses use QR Codes with the view of helping consumers get links to websites and landing pages with long URLs. Well, this would be easier if all a consumer had to do was to wave their devices over the codes. However, this is not a simple or straightforward process since the user has to carry out numerous formalities before he/she can get the links.

More than ever before, QR codes are now everywhere with little or no regard about the context of use. Pacing QR codes on visual real estate materials is wasteful while placing them on highway billboards increases the risk of distraction. Likewise, QR codes imprinted on company vehicles don’t make much impact. Since there are no data connections, users cannot use them to load your page in their devices. A simpler way would be to use shortened URLs to make the browsing experience of customers easy and straightforward.

Therefore, before you join the QR Codes craze, you should look for ways to simplify access and use of codes so that consumers can get real value easily.

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