QR Codes / Couponing

Funny looking black and white boxes are popping up EVERYWHERE.ย  And they NEVER look like they are supposed to be there.

Can something so ridiculous have even a sliver of marketing power?

QRCodesPage  The answer is a resounding โ€œyes.โ€ย  In fact, these jumbled messes of ink, called QR codes, actually have a TREMENDOUS amount of marketing power.ย  From websites to print magazines and newspapers, from banner ads on the internet to buses and billboards, QR codes can integrate your offline and online marketing efforts with just a single tap on your smartphone!

The problem is that most people do it wrong.ย  And when we say wrong, we mean REALLY wrong.

A QR Code is a two-dimensional matrix barcode that contains information such as URL, text or images. QR โ€“ which stands for Quick Response โ€“ can be deciphered by specialized barcode scanners installed in smartphones. These codes make it easier for your customers and prospects to instantly access information about your business, products and services.

QR codes have been gaining steady momentum over the course of the past year. Over 14 million Americans scanned a QR code in the last month alone. ย 53% of consumers who scan QR codes do so to get a coupon, discounts and deals; 52% to get additional information; 26% to sign up or receive more information, and 23% to make a purchase!

And since QR codes are not the end-game, the possibilities are endless as to how you can use them to your advantage! ย ย With QR codes, you can easily:

  • direct prospects to specific pages on your mobile website.
  • give your prospects the ability to dial your businessโ€™ phone number in a flash.
  • make your print advertising more effective and engaging.
  • intensify your lead generation efforts.
  • offer specials and coupons to drive opt-ins to an SMS and/or email marketing list.

Letโ€™s face it; people are bombarded with ads on a daily basis, much to their annoyance. So how can you get creative without being skimmed over, instantaneously banished to the spam folder or simply ignored?

By using QR Codes!

QR codes are your modern day call-to-action and the benefits are aplenty.ย  They are:

  • Versatile โ€“ you can use them in whatever manner you wish.
  • User-convenient โ€“ itโ€™s a simple one-step process.
  • Cost-effective โ€“ you can integrate them into any of your marketing strategies.
  • Ground-breaking โ€“ they bridge the gap between online and offline media.
  • Lead generating โ€“ they have the potential to become a major player in your SEO and SMO efforts.
  • Exciting โ€“ you can carry prospectsโ€™ excitement through to a sale.

QR codes are not as in-your-face or blatantly obvious as a BUY NOW button, but they work MUCH better! Incorporating them into your marketing strategy stirs up curiosity, which makes YOU stand out against your competition.ย  And even if your competitors are using QR codes in their marketing, the chances of them doing it right are slim-to-none.ย  In fact, many people have already written off QR codes since they just donโ€™t understand how they should be used or the true marketing power they offer.ย  The good news is that youโ€™re here right now, reading this text and educating yourself about how to utilize them properly.

Whether people are running to their next meeting or sitting on the bus en route to the grocery store, it only takes a few seconds to create a connection. With QR codes, you eliminate the middle man. No need to read through an ad and jot anything down; all they need to do is take a picture!ย  While it seems trivial, to someone on-the-go, it means a lot.ย  How many times have you been in a hurry, seen something you wanted to write down โ€“ and then struggled to find a pen and a piece of paper?ย  Enough said.

Oh, and letโ€™s not forget, coupons are particularly irresistible in this day and age. QR codes for couponing are timely, relevant and โ€œhot.โ€ ย You are doing your customers a gigantic favor by giving them the ease to take advantage of your promotions and discounts via QR codes. Along the way, you not only strengthen the loyalty amongst your current customers, you also open up the floodgates of traffic to channel in new business.

In just a few short years, mobile web will rival the enormity and extent of desktop internet use. Effectively integrating QR codes with mobile landing pages TODAY will add to your bottom line and establish your business as an industry leader for years to come.

With QR codes, youโ€™ll advance your business into the future while you leave your competition trapped in the past.ย  If this sounds like the type of marketing leverage your business needs, CONTACT US today to learn more.