Q&A: 3 Cutting-Edge Strategies for Generating Highly-Qualified Insurance Leads

calculator-385506_640-250x147  We personally think voicemail drops are a really effective way for insurance companies to generate leads, because you can target prospects with valuable offers without interrupting the flow of their daily activity. The key with voice drops for insurance companies is making sure that your message is short and relevant. What are you offering? A free insurance review? A package deal if the prospect signs up for two different products? A grand opening announcement of a new office in the local community? Voice drops are also advantageous because you can target both landlines and cell phones separately.

Insurance companies should also implement geo-conquesting, which is a really effective form of local marketing. With geo-conquesting, you create a geographic fence around a local area where your competitors are, and when customers visit your competition, you can send targeted ads to persuade them to check out your company. For insurance companies, the key is differentiation. What are you offering in these geo-conquesting ads that would make a prospect leave your competition and come over to you? It doesn’t always have to be about lowering your prices, or offering a special deal (though that helps). It’s also about offering value of some kind. Are your customer satisfaction ratings the best in class? If you’re going to target prospects that are visiting your competition, give them a damn good reason why you should be their choice.

Finally, we’re huge fans of retargeting. Let’s say you’re a small insurance company and you want to target people who visited the second page of your website, which describes the financial services you offer. The problem is, these people didn’t click a CTA for any free offer, so now you’ve lost a conversion opportunity, right? Wrong, because you can target that segment of your audience by putting cookies on their browsers, so that you can place really valuable and relevant ads that appear when those people are surfing other sites. Again, the key is making sure those ads are compelling. You can’t just repeat what your visitors already saw on your site, so what’s new? How will you personalize those ads to make those visitors return to your site and complete a CTA like a free eGuide, or subscribing to your newsletter? You can make them a new offer like a free insurance evaluation on their schedule.

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