Q&A: 2 Marketing Strategies that CPA’s NEED to Embrace… Today

marketing-300x215  Now that tax season has come and gone, there’s no better time than the present to start analyzing your marketing strategies for the remainder of 2018.

And here are 2 things you DEFINITELY need to embrace…

1. Β Optimize your website for mobile users. More than 50 percent of people now access the Internet through a mobile device. Accounting firms must have responsive websites that have all of the same functions on the go as they do when people are at a desktop. Accounting firms must ensure that their landing page includes contact info, the major services they perform, and some kind of call to action such as scheduling a consultation. A clean, actionable website is one of the most powerful attractors for prospects to engage with a business, and accounting is no different.

2. Β Newsletter/Email marketing. A lot of businesses ignore or have dropped email marketing, because it’s too difficult or the returns aren’t there. But the truth is that a well-run email marketing campaign still has benefits in terms of ROI, if the campaign is targeted, and if the content is valuable. Accountants can provide updates to existing clients about changes in tax laws, send reminders that tax season is approaching, or introduce a new software that can make the lives of their clients (and prospects) easier. Email is also a prime opportunity to offer tips on saving money, investment, and business strategy. Remember, every newsletter should always answer the question in every recipient’s mind: What’s in it for me?

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