Personalizing Your Content to Connect with Your Audience

bag-1565402_640-250x166  Part of any good marketing strategy is connecting with your audience on a human level. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure that some of your content is personalized to each and every user who sees it. Most of your content will still be relying on quality and value to make an impact because you can’t personalize each and every post you put out to every user –  it’s just impossible. But there are certain aspects of your marketing that can be personalized for maximum effect.

Check out these tips to make sure that you’re personalizing your content where you can, and making an impact on your audience with every opportunity you have.

Personalize Email Subject Lines

If you put a lot of work into your email newsletter, you’re hoping that everyone is going to read it. You want as many people to read your emails as possible, and one of the best ways to get people to read your emails is to create a great cold email subject line.

But many subject lines are bland, full of meaningless stats, or other content that doesn’t engage readers. One of the best ways that you can catch somebody‘s attention is by using their name. Using someone’s name shows a level of intimacy and makes people feel like you know them. As Olivia Allen says, “No two email subscribers are exactly the same — and, sometimes, that means the emails you send them shouldn’t be, either.”

Remember, there are a lot of emails competing for your audience’s attention. Use their name in the subject line and make sure your message is the one that’s standing out.

Target Your Posts

Targeting is a great way to personalize your social content. When you’re targeting your marketing content on social media, you’re selecting specific attributes of your audience to see the posts that you’re promoting. Even within your target audience, there’s a good chance that certain subsets of your target audience are more likely to respond to certain marketing techniques that others

For example, you might have a product that appeals to both men and women, but you might have advertisements that appeal specifically to women. Making sure your ads are targetted to the correct people is a great way to make sure your marketing material hits home with the right people at the right time. if you don’t target your marketing and personalize it to certain subgroups of your target audience, it might not make a significant impact on the people who do see it.

Learn About Your Audience

One great way that you can apply personalization to your marketing is to make your audience feel like you want to know more about them. You know they want to know more about you – that’s why they’re following you on social media. So set up polls, ask a question, and find out who your audience is.

This can be done on your newsfeed, on Facebook live, or on Instagram stories. By learning more about your audience you will eventually be able to create content that’s more tailored to their needs and desires, which will get you better engagement and results in return. The more you know about your audience, the more you can make sure that the content that you’re producing is actually personalized to their individual needs.

Real Responses to Real People

Make sure that you have an actual human representative responding to your customers. Whether good or bad, customer feedback should be acknowledged and responded to across all social media platforms. Whether it’s simply a quick compliment or a more serious complaint, you should always have somebody ready to reach out and respond.

Don’t Use Automated Messages

Some larger companies actually use automated messages to reply to customers on social media.  These messages don’t really show the customers on the other end of the conversation that you care, even if they are convenient for your company.

By personalizing each and every response, you’re showing your audience that you’re listening. Remember that your audience is taking the time out of their day to tell you about something that mattered to them. Personalizing your response shows them that you care. It creates a bond and makes them more likely to return for more interaction. It also keeps your brand at the forefront of their mind. When you have more interaction and conversation on your pages, your posts are more likely to be seen by even more people.

There are a lot of ways to make sure that your content is personalized across all platforms. From your website, to your blog, to your social media, there are a lot of little changes you can make just to make sure that your customers know you care about them and their individual needs. When you can prove to them that you care about their individual needs, they’ll be more likely to become customers and recognize your efforts.

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