Part 1: 5 FREE Useful Google Research Tools For Your Business Website

Before doing anything for your business, whether writing content or even getting in touch with an online banner maker, you should do research first. This will help guide you in all aspects of your business – production, development, marketing, and so much more. Now, we will only tackle what are the advantages of research for your business website – without any charge! Here are some useful Google tools that will be of great help to you in creating and maintaining your business website:

Google Trends

This tool shows the most searched terms in the US. As search terms differ each day, depending on what is hot and what is not, the results are updated throughout each day in real time. If you have the resources to do so, you can act upon all the trends as you see them and utilize high traffic keywords on your online efforts. For example, if you own a shoe store and a new model of a famous basketball player is out, you can edit your online marketing campaigns and SEOs to earn from the hottest trend.

Google Groups

Here you can personally see what’s inside online forums – what really is in people’s minds. What are their problems, their difficulties, their comments, their suggestions – almost anything under the sun! With the information you can gather from Google Groups, you will be armed in creating a new business or enhancing your existing one.

Google Shopping

You will see what products, from almost any industry or market, are most bought from online. Based on the information that you will get from Google Shopping, you can customize your inventory to maximize your sales and minimize loss.

Google Trends for websites

Would you want to know what your competition is doing online? Well, you can β€œspy” on them using this tool. You will discover very important data with this – the locations of their online visitors, what other sites they visit, and which specific search keywords they are using. This will definitely help you mold your online efforts to be at par and even surpass your competitors.

Google Insights

With this, you will be able to know the history of a certain keyword for certain periods and areas. You can be as specific as to how much that keyword is searched for in days, months, and even years in what town, state or country. Now, you will know which keyword is to be used best when and where to reach your target market.

So interesting and useful, right? Wait for the next blog post and learn 5 more free Google tools you can use to improve your business and its online efforts.

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