Paid Facebook Conversions

facebook-715811_640-300x164  I’m not sure there’s any magic formula to improve your Facebook Ads conversions, but there are some solid strategies that can help you optimize your ads to draw more visitors and therefore more conversions. The biggest thing is to display a clear message as part of your ad. Users have short attention spans, so your ad has to capture their attention and tell them everything they need to know to make a decision. For example, if you are offering an eBook, an ad with the words, β€œGet Your eBook On Best Marketing Secrets,” is not as good as, β€œLearn How I Turned $500 Into $1 Million Using 5 Great Conversion Tricks.”

I also think that your ads have to be actionable, meaning that they are designed to persuade users to perform such kind of action, whether it’s subscribe to an email or to get a free eBook. That means your CTA buttons have to be distinct, bold and clear so that users can’t miss what they are supposed to do. If they have to β€œClick,” then make sure your Click CTA is prominent. If they have to β€œSubscribe,” then make sure your Subscribe CTA is really distinct.

Then I think you have to clearly explain in your ad how the product or service you are offering brings value to the user. What is value? Anything that satisfies a want or need in a user, or persuades them that they are missing something and that you can fill that missing thing. So if you’re selling a product that saves the user time, make sure you explain all the major features that will make a user’s life more efficient.

Finally, I think it’s really important that you include testimonials with your ads. Testimonials convey credibility and help to build trust with consumers who aren’t familiar with your products and services. Plus, if those testimonials are influencers within your industry, it’s even more effective.

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