Marketing Q&A: How Can Companies Make Themselves More Appealing and Relatable To Customers?

laptop-2557468_640-300x200  I personally think one of the most effective ways to tell your company story is to post a video on your blog, site and social media platforms that gives users a peek behind the scenes.

For example, you can post β€œMeet the Team” videos in which your employees talk about their work process, a typical day and why they enjoy doing their job.

What many companies forget is that you can have the best product in the world, but if consumers don’t have some kind of connection to your business, they won’t engage.

But when they feel as if your company isn’t a faceless monolith, but that it is driven by normal, bright people who want to provide the best product or service they can, it elevates their customer experience in ways that go far beyond what advertising can do.

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