Your Logo: The Most Important Messenger Your Brand Has

A picture paints a thousand words. Everybody knows that. ย Heck, thereโ€™s a song about it. Our clients expect us โ€“ rightly โ€“ to be very particular about the quality of the words we put on their sites (and we are). You should be just as particular about the quality of the images that go with those words.

And especially when it comes to one VERY particular image: your logo.

Just as your face is you, your logo is your brand. ย Your logo is the one aspect of your brand people learn to recognize first.

Case in point?

When you see an automobile youโ€™ve never seen before, if youโ€™re like most people, you try to immediately figure out what car manufacturer itโ€™s from. And from then on out, thereโ€™s a strong likelihood youโ€™ll never forget it.

The same thing goes for YOUR logo.

Choosing the design of your logo is one of the most important brand-defining decisions youโ€™ll ever make. The colors say something. The design says something. The text says something. Everything a new or existing customer knows about your brand is right there in your logo. So, whatever you do, make sure the values you want to convey are the values represented by your logo.

Also keep in mind that your logo will appear everywhere you want your business to be:

  • On letterhead, invoices and packing notes
  • On advertisements and flyers
  • On your website and your blog

Wherever the people you want to do business with encounter you, the first thing they will see is your logo, which is why itโ€™s so important to position it correctly. ย It needs to be the right size, have the right alignment, and complement your tagline. Donโ€™t surround it with other images that will draw attention away from the most important message you have to deliver โ€“ the message that says, โ€œThis is who we are. This is why you can rely on us.โ€

And donโ€™t be casual about how it looks. Talk to us about the messages you want to convey and let us advise you on how to paint the right picture in your logo.

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