Inexpensive Marketing Solutions for SMEs

farzad-nazifi-p-xSl33Wxyc-unsplash  When you start a new project, knowing how to promote a business or productis one of the main challenges you face, especially if you have a small budget.

If this is your situation you are in luck, because in this article I am going to propose a dozen promotional actions that will help you get that visibility that your business needs for much less than you think.

Marketing drives promotion and it really is as simple as that. Here are some valuable and inexpensive ways to get you started.


An ideal tool to promote your product or business is the blog, because it will provide great visibility to your website and, with it, to your business. You can prepare a content plan to entice customers. Remember that it is not about “selling” the technical benefits of your solution, but about what it, or your company, can do for your customers. This way you will be able to show the benefits of your products, educate your visitors and create an incentive for them to come back for new content, and get your brand to be known and recognized. With this, you will be generating content for visitors at the different levels of the conversion funnel, enhancing the possibility of achieving conversions or leads. Also, if you have created your website with wordpress, the blog is free, and all you have to do is put some time in.

Social Networks


Social networks will bring a lot of visibility to your brand as a whole and it is truly a vital tool to promote a product and create an interested community around your brand. And opening the profiles is free. To take advantage of the effect, determine which social networks your clients move on and open professional profiles on them.

Create appropriate content for each type of network and the philosophy of each one of them, and remember that social networks work much better as a recommendation channel than as a sales channel. Therefore, it tries to add value, entertain and educate and, from time to time, presents an offer or novelty that may be of interest. If any customers post comments and suggestions then you can use this as a source of informative information to help you change things up.

And, of course, interact with your followers, answering their questions, thanking their comments, encouraging their contributions, etc. The objective here is to create a community committed to your brand that serves as an amplifier of the benefits of your solutions.

Advertising on a Display Network

If what you are looking for are potential customers interested in buying your products, you can carry out advertising campaigns in the Google Adwords search network (the ads that appear when you search for something). If your SME business is new and you are a business newcomer, the price of your bids will have to be much higher and this way it will match or surpass your competition for a leg up. Again though, these don’t have to be wildly expensive.

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