How To Make Copywriting Work For Your Business’ Advantage

keyboard  Copywriting is one of the most effective tools in getting your target market choose to spend their money on your products and services. It will differentiate you from your competitors. So how to make it work to your advantage?

Trigger their emotions

For your target market to patronize your products or services, you have to engage them emotionally. You simple have to be honest on how they will benefit from your products and services. Do not bore them with the features and other technical mumbo jumbo. Tell it to them straight – what would be their net takeaway after using your product or service? For example, you are selling sound systems. Talk about how clear and crisp the music and the audio of videos and movies will be with your sound system. Don’t ramble about what kind of technology your speakers and equalizers have. Do state them but do
not dwells on technicalities. Focus on the benefits!

Keep it short and sweet

Writing too much copy is a big no-no. Do not bore potential clients with lengthy copy. Keep it short, write only what is relevant and be straight to the point. It would be better for your tagrte makrte to want more information from you rather than boring them with long copy and they will leave before they even get to read the important stuff. Instead of using the vague line “Weekly Discount Offer”, write “Only this week: 50% off on all
home theaters!”

Set your business apart from the others

Highlight yoru unique selling proposition all the time! What edge do you have compared to your competitors? Are your products the best quality there is locally? Do you have the lowest prices? Do you give free after-sales service? Do you offer weekly discounts, sales, etc.? This valuable information is the type what consumers want. They want to know that they are getting more value for their money with you and not with the others.

We are all bombarded with numerous marketing efforts every single day. If you don’t start kicking your copy up a notch, others will just drown your marketing efforts. If you are still unsure that you can craft effective copy, let me know and I will help you!

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