How to Build a Better Marketing Campaign

In three little words, Nike was able to build a seemingly omnipresent marketing campaign. β€˜Just do it,’ has become its defining phrase, one that leads the brain to immediately think of what the brand looks like, from its colors to its typeface.

It was in fact, not just the words alone that did the trick, as with most good marketing campaigns, a great deal of research, time, effort and expertise helped along the way.

In order to make sure you build a better marketing campaign for your next effort, here are some tips you might want to consider.


Get with the Times

Marketing should not exist in a vacuum, and since society is consistently evolving, so too should businesses who wish to present a modern and relevant brand to the world.

This means laying your finger on the pulse of today, while keeping a keen eye on the world of tomorrow. Socially conscious consumers and corporate responsibility are understandably becoming mainstays of business, so using this to your advantage and incorporating themes of transparency and awareness into your campaign is important.

SEO Is Still a Must

Digital marketing can be one of the most valuable allies of any business wanting to tap into a wealth of opportunity in the online realm.

Keeping up with SEO is still a must, as your competitors will likely be doing the same, and making sure your brand appears before theirs on the search engine rankings can give you a huge advantage.

If you needed some help from the experts in this department, you could take a look at for some greater insight into how the professionals deliver results through an effective digital marketing campaign.

Understand Your Competitors


Finding out as much as possible about your competitors can help you better understand your own position in the current market, and what you need to do with your own campaign that proves to be different (and better).

By understanding your competitors, their agenda, target audience and successes, you can start to build your own marketing campaign in a totally unique direction, one that hopefully manages to emphasize the reason why your products and services are the ones worth turning to.

Utilizing the Relevant Channels

If you are trying to reach your target audience through TikTok, but your target audience prefers Instagram, there is little chance you are optimizing your marketing efforts.

Accessing your target audience through their preferred channel is vital if you aim to put your resources to the best use possible.

This requires you to define your demographic as best you can, as this can help you decide on which approach is best to take. A multichannel approach is generally best if you can afford to spare the time and money, but even then, it is important to figure out how effective each channel will be in terms of your reach.

In doing so, you might be able to save yourself some money that would be more effective in other areas, such as paying for higher quality content, extending the length of your campaign or sponsored advertisements.

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