How to Beat Your Competition Using Social Media Marketing

small__9733284483-300x225  If you start a business in a crowded industry, one thing that will help you in growing your small business is effective marketing. A lot of business owners are forever complaining of how competitive their line of operation is and how their competitors are moving up the ladder of success. Instead of folding your arms and complaining you should gather all resources that you can use to give your business an edge over your competitors.

One of the most effective tools I have used in marketing my business is social media. A lot of people are using this platform to socialize and connect and the best you can do as a business owner is to take your business where your customers are. I realized that you will not only get a chance to market your business on social media, but you will also beat your competitors. How? Here are some tips I learned that will help you in pushing your business a head of all the competition around you.

1. Strategy, Strategy And Strategy
Social media is a bandwagon that is highly tempting to jump on and this means that a lot of businesses are using this tool to market their products and services. Most of them end up complaining that social media does not work, correction; it is not that it did not work; facts are they did not put enough into it to make it work for them. To succeed, you will need two key things, an understanding of what your competitors are doing on the networks and the type of audience they are targeting. First learn as much as you can about what those a head of you are doing and use what you learn to beat them at their own game by making your marketing campaigns better and more targeted.

2. Solid Content
Another important lesson I learnt in social media marketing is that it is not an affair of jumping in and shouting about your products and services. When you do it this way, no one will listen and you will have ticked the social media marketing box and moved on to other things. Don’t be just another shouting voice, focus on giving your audience solid content, something they are interested in and would like their friends to know about. Good content may take time to create but it is worth every second. Make sure you include high quality videos, images, offers, promotions, rewards, and a little good humor to spice up the content.

3. Have A Working Structure
Structure for me involves anything that helps you analyzing your campaigns and cuts down the time that you spend on social media. I gathered a number of tools such as Google analytics, Lead Forensic and HootSuite to create an engaging social media marketing campaign.
It is better to spend a week structuring and strategizing to create an effective marketing campaign instead of posting a lot of content at random and not saying anything in the process. With better social media marketing, staying a head of your competitors is an easy affair.

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