Google+ Tips For Business Marketing

G+-300x168  Google+ is a social networking platform launched by Google in 2011. The platform integrates a number of services to provide users with socializing means in a more professional effective way. Over the few years it has been in existence, the platform has become an integral part of business social media marketing campaigns. Google+ has more than 250 million active users and the number is growing everyday. As a business owner, you need to understand how you can use this platform to effectively market your business and enhance its growth. Here are important tips to get you started:

1. Have An About Page With Relevant Keywords And Links

An about page is the best way your audience will have a chance to get an overview of what your business is all about. You should this chance to link back to your website and other social media pages to increase traffic to these pages. Insist on a good copy that balances between SEO and providing ample information about your business using a language that your audience will understand best. Google will allow the use of bullets and you should use this to your advantage to create a list that will be easy to read.

2. Use Google Events To Connect With Your Audience

Google has added an events feature that allows users to send customized event invitations to people who are on and off the platform. The feature works well with Google Calendar and when a user confirms attendance, it automatically shows. You can also use the feature to send invitations to Google+ Hangouts and this will greatly improve your marketing strategies. The feature has tools that allow users who have confirmed attendance to upload images into one album. You can create an event about promotions and offers and rest assured that there will be more people in your store on that day.

3. Be Consistent In your Posts

The secret to remaining relevant in your market is being consistent in the marketing strategies that work best for you. If you have set up a Google+ account and you are expediting positive results, you need to be consistent in whatever you are doing. B keep in mind that there is a fine line between being relevant and being β€˜spammy’. You do not need to post every hour as this will appear as a bother to many people. But posting once in a blue moon can also lead to people forgetting about your business. Know the right rhythm and post when necessary.

4. Engage In Relevant Conversations With Users

The top rule in succeeding in social media marketing is to get involved in relevant topics and contribute to add value. The success of your marketing efforts will be determined by how much you are active in adding value to different conversations related directly or indirectly to your business. You can use the search options Google+ has provided to find relevant topics and be active in the contributing and solving any problems. Ensure that at the end of it all you provide something that the user finds useful, not necessarily anything to do with your products and services. This will project your business as a problem solver and your brand will get better recognition.

5. Monitor Your Progress

Success comes to those who know where they have come from and have a good vision of where they are going. With that said, you need to closely monitor your progress on Google+ to find out which strategies are working and which are not. Not everything that works for a certain business will work for you. Find the strengths of the platform and use them to improve your business marketing and plan better.

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