Google Launches ‘Small Thanks’ and Turns Customers into Brand Advocates

google-300x170  Google is always up to something, and often it’s some little update that sends us scrambling to adapt to their latest change in metrics. However, this time around things are a little different. The search engine has introduced a program called Small Thanks with Google, and its purpose is to show a little extra love to businesses while optimizing their review platform.

The premise is pretty simple, but the outcome is really cool, especially for small businesses that can benefit from a little social proof and validation.

What Is Small Thanks with Google?

Small Thanks with Google is a program that takes the top Google reviews of a business and highlights them on poster that can be printed and displayed or shared through digital avenues -such as websites and email campaigns.

This is brilliant for small businesses, and here’s why.

For nearly three-quarters of consumers, positive reviews encourage more trust in local, small businesses. Building a solid reputation through customer reviews and social proof is a tried and true strategy for building trust and establishing brand authority. Small Thanks with Google rewards businesses with great reviews by giving them a visual pat on the back.

Here’s How It Works

Taking advantage of Small Thanks with Google couldn’t be easier. However, before you begin there’s one absolutely crucial element that you need – at least one 5-star Google review.

If you’re a small business that’s so new on the scene that you don’t have any reviews to showcase just yet, don’t fret. Getting high quality reviews isn’t a daunting task. If you haven’t yet, take a minute to claim your Google My Business page and fill it out completely. This is an easy way of increasing your online visibility and making it easy for customers to share their love.

Once you’ve started building a stellar reputation with customer reviews on Google, the rest is easy and can be done in 5 simple steps.

  • Step 1: Visit Small Thanks with Google and enter your business name.
  • Step 2: Let Google do its magic and generate a unique poster for your business featuring your best customer reviews.
  • Step 3: Make it your own with customized features. You can customize the style and layout of your poster. For some designs, a customized color option is also available. If you have so many great reviews that you feel highlighting just one is too limiting, go ahead and give yourself props by showcasing up to 3 of your best reviews on one poster.
  • Step 4: Download it. Once you’ve finished, download your poster into one convenient zipped folder that contains absolutely everything you need to print and share. You can even customize your toolkit, so posters match specific marketing campaigns.
  • Step 5: Sit back and bask in the glow of a job well done.

If you’d like to know more about targeted digital marketing strategies that will help your business generate 5-star reviews, or have questions about Small Thanks with Google, drop us a line at We’re here to help build a stellar reputation for your business.

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