Facebook Ad Changes: Adding Value to Advertising

fbad  Do you have a business that is heavily reliant on social media platforms to reach your customers? Just in case you missed the announcement, Facebook has made some substantial updates to their advertising options.

Fewer Ad Options

If you are one of the brave individuals that have tried to make sense of the paid advertising on feature on Facebook, you have likely gotten a few new gray hairs due to all the different options that are available. The good news is that Facebook has listened to users and updated their system with more clear and concise options of the previous advertising features, all together in one.

No More Offers, No More Questions

The fact is that since these features were used so little, they have been completely removed from the advertising options offered by Facebook. Even though there has been some success by the businesses that utilized these functions, the change is encouraging any online business to actually make efforts to communicate with their customers in a manner that is much more meaningful. Do you want to ask your customers a question? If you do, then you should ask the question in text, which will encourage them to comment and increase your overall engagement.

There are some businesses that are understandably unhappy with this removal of the offers feature. After all, this is one of the main reasons that people come and like a business page. Now, businesses will have to like the offer for a discount that they have made. Instead of looking at this change in a negative way, consider it an opportunity to drive the traffic back to your actual website.

More Insights and More Data

Do you currently run a social media business page? How often do you really take a look at your insights and consider what you can do with them? This too has received a little changing from Facebook. Instead of only one singe summary of the overall β€œPeople are talking about this” factor, you are now given the ability to have insight to likes, engagement, comments and the actual reach of each of the posts that you make. This will enable the social media managers of your site determine which portions of the content are truly making a difference or impact, determine the keywords that will gain reach to customers and learn how to schedule the social media posts to appear during times of heavy traffic for whatever your target demographic may be.

Promotion of Unpublished Posts

This is a favorite of many Facebook users. If you are a retailer that is selling products to a wide range of customers, this is of particular interest. You are no longer required to publish your post on your page prior to promoting it. Instead, you have the ability to promote your unpublished posts in order to ensure that your targeted customers are able to see it as soon as it goes live.

The fact is that these changes can be extremely beneficial if you embrace what they have to offer. More engagement, personal response and insight to your customers will eventually lead to one goal – more sales.

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