Expo Marketing: 3 Ways to Project Your Brand

People purchasing from other people. Face to face marketing has been put on hold for some time, but as the world returns to a somewhat normal state of affairs, it will become important again. Perhaps the best place to market your brand to people is at a business expo. This is where you will meet an international array of customers. You’ll also be meeting some of the customers that would like to know more about your brand, what your future products will look like, etc. So making the first impression is very crucial to your image and brand’s acceptance. The media will be there and everyone will be taking photos and videos with your employees.

A Marketing Message

At a business expo, marketing your message needs to be done in a number of ways. It has to be central to your brand, it has to be consistent with your previous messaging and it must tell visitors something new. Your stand needs to have a banner that hangs over the top, with this message so it is clearly read by all. It should communicate who you are, what your brand is about and what you want to do for the customer. For example, if you are a shoe company, you need to have your name in the message, what kind of shoes you make and how you can help customers. Something like, β€˜Nike continues to make trainers so you can keep running and stay fit.’ is what you should be after.

Great Visuals



Your stand needs to look appealing to customers as they walk by. This is why backlit displaysΒ are so loved by expo veterans. They provide great, clear graphics that can come in either an image, text overlay, infographics, charts, and more. Their backlit displays are constructed from high-quality aluminum extrusion light-boxes that use tension fabric graphics. The LED lights are scalable so you can light up different areas of the stand, to show more importance to one area. It may also help you to light your stand better in terms of your position in the expo hall. If you are put in a dark corner, these scalable lights can really get you out of a tough spot.

Publicity Opportunist

While you are at the expo, take full advantage of social media and get as much publicity as you possibly can. Post photos, videos, and interviews all day long. You should also plan blog posts and newsletters purely for this event. So if you are showcasing a service, release a blog post about that service on the same day. Shoot emails to your customers about what you’re doing at the expo, including photos taken on the day. Hold a contest of some sort if you can, choosing a winner at the end of the day, so you keep people watching along and keeping up with your social media feeds.

Expos are brilliant opportunities to market your brand in the most exciting ways possible. Marketing face to face is valuable because you get to meet your customers in the real world. Make a good first impression!

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