Expand Your Market By Listing Your Products On Amazon

In our last post, we discussed how to set up an Amazon seller account for your business. Now that we’re done with that, we will tackle how to include your products on the Amazon product catalog for it to be available to your target market.

  • Go toΒ www.amazon.comΒ and log into your account.
  • Go to β€œSeller Account Page”, click β€œManage Your Inventory Listing” then choose β€œListings”.
  • Explore the Amazon database for the kind of item you want to sell.
  • Choose that kind of product and click β€œSell Yours Here”.
  • Provide the condition of that particular item you want to sell – is it new, used, does it have dents, etc.
  • Put the price of that product of yours. You have to remember to take into consideration the other fees like the Amazon commission and shipping rates when computing for the price.
  • Register to collect the payment of buying customers through Marketplace Payment by Amazon.
  • Indicate the quantity of that item that you want to sell. You also have to give a code to that product so you can track it once you sell it.
  • If you have several pieces of the same product and all are in the same condition, you only have to create one listing. If those several pieces have varying conditions (some are new, others are used, and some have scratches), you have to create separate listings for the products with the same condition.
  • Double check if all the information you have provided are correct before finalizing to avoid confusion and unsatisfied customers. You can edit that information afterwards. However, you cannot change the state of condition of any product. In the event of alteration of that, you have to close that particular product listing and create a new one with the right condition.

Now that your products are listed on Amazon, you are ready to sell to a bigger market! You will then know why many businessmen use Amazon as a selling avenue. You will have a wider reach, more credibility, and a bigger market – all these without having to spend as much as you would if you would try to accomplish those on your own.

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