Email Marketing Manners 101: How Not To Turn Off Your Clients

What’s great about email marketing is it is a direct and personal way to connect your business with your target market. Although, if executed poorly, you can do more harm than good – you can rub your customers the wrong way. Take note of the tips below so you can avoid turning off your clients and keep your emails away from the spam and trash folders.

  • Always follow through with your promises. Send what you have promised your recipient. If you said that you would supply them with a newsletter for skin care, do so. Do not by sly by trying to sell them other things sports wear or real estate.
  • Send a confirmation email immediately to people who sign up through your opt-in or squeeze page. That way, you can be sure that someone else signed them up for your email list.
  • Do not make people hate you because they can’t unsubscribe from your list. Make it easy for those who want out but make sure that they really want to be removed. You can also ask why so you will know if there are problems you should address.
  • Do not delay addressing suggestions, complaints and questions. Email let’s you communicate quickly so there’s no reason to be late or postpone actions.
  • Do not flood the inbox of your clients every single day. They will be annoyed!
  • Also, if you promise a weekly or a monthly newsletter, stay true to your word. If you are late in sending, you will be immediately forgotten by your market. It would be advisable to get an auto responder service that will make it more convenient to send regular, scheduled emails.
  • Ask your customers to add your email address to their address book. This way, you can avoid your precious emails being directed to their spam folder. You can also send an email from time to time that they can check their spam folders – just in case your email ended up there.
  • Always include how customers can communicate with you in every email you send. Include all your contact details – reply or customer service email, office number or mobile phone.
  • Do not make extra money by selling your email list to other companies. If you want to, ask your customers’ permission. Clearly, it is an abuse of their privacy and most people hate that. Doing that can instantly escalate a number of people to unsubscribe from you.

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