Email Marketing: Essential Sending Practices

email-marketing-essential-sending-practices  Email marketing is an important part of keeping in touch with your customers. A lot has changed thanks to the increased use of the internet. Email marketing is older than most of the upcoming marketing methods but it is still effective when handled properly. Some of the most important things to keep in mind when using emails to market your business are the sending practices. Its not about sending emails to everyone on your mailing list, it is more of the right timing and considerations of some important factors that will ensure your email is not just deleted soon as it gets into the inbox. Here, you will these essential factors:


1. Be Aware Of Holidays And Weekends

Do not bother to send emails when the readers you are targeting are on vacation or during weekends. This simply means that unless your emails are all about Christmas offers, you should not be sending them on the 25th of December. The only reason you should not send emails around holidays and during weekends is that there will be many emails piling in the recipient’s inbox and chances are that they will prioritize work related emails and ignore all the others. Monday mornings are also not the best times to send the emails since the reader will already be dealing with a stack of other mails sent over the weekend.

2. The Early Afternoon Is Better

When your prospect gets to work or accesses the internet in the morning, they will be met with quite a number of emails and again, they will prioritize the mails they consider most important. However, when you aim for the early afternoon, there are higher chances that they will read your email. You should aim at sending it in the early afternoon, some moments after lunch. This period is after the morning hassles and not when the reader is thinking about going home.

3. Find The perfect Frequency Rhythm

Finding the sweet spot for your email marketing rhythm can be quite a daunting task. This is because while you need to send emails frequently to remain relevant in front of your customers and prospects, you need to moderate the sending such that it does not become a spamming affair. Fortunately, you can use campaign tracking data to better understand how your frequency is being received. Your type of services and products can also determine the number of emails you send per week or per month. There are automated marketing solutions that can aid you in creating emails as well as scheduling the sending of emails in future thus making sure your campaign is perfectly timed.

4. Content Is King

Content has always been and will always be king in any marketing strategy. In email marketing, people might be highly attracted by the interesting subject line and they will be expecting to find content that is equally interesting. Make the email content about the consumer and talk less about yourself. Give the consumer a reason to want to visit your shop or website. Providing a solution to their problems is one way to get them interested in what your business has to offer.

5. Consistency Is Very Important

You cannot simply send one email and remain quiet for a number of months or the rest of the year. Well, people do not like being spammed, but they will appreciate the occasional updates on what your business has for them. Consistency is not only about how often you send emails; it is also on the content quality. You have to have consistency in high quality content otherwise the consumers will be disinterested in your emails and your marketing campaign will crumble soon as it starts.

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