Do You Like Your Own Advertising?

advertise  When you think about commercials and advertisements, there are a few specifics that come to mind. You often remember the funniest ones you’ve seen, or if they have a celebrity that you like, they’re much easier to remember.

When you’re trying to come up with the best marketing and advertising gimmick, it’s often difficult to put yourself in the eyes of the viewer. Sure, you may know who the audience is and what their interests are, but you must also put yourself in their shoes – will they laugh or smile when they see the ad? Is it memorable or have a piece of information that will catch their attention? Is it even good advertising, or do you think it could use some work?

Why It’s Important

Obviously it’s important if your boss or superior likes the advertisement you have created. Including details such as the product, why it’s beneficial and why the consumer needs your product over the competitors is a must, but it’s easy to forget about the small things to include.

Asking yourself several simple questions before creating an ad can help get the ball rolling and get you to create something outside of the box. Instead of asking questions that you know the answer to, utilize some of the things you’d be asking an outside source.

  • What part of the ad made you laugh?
  • Did the advertisement utilize a celebrity of well-known figure?
  • Recite the most memorable line in the advertisement.
  • Was the ad easy to predict as to what was going to happen next or what was being promoted?

These questions can allow you to think outside of what you’re used to.

For example – Cheetos is an extremely familiar brand that doesn’t necessarily require a whole lot of advertising. Those who like Cheetos buy them regularly and those who don’t have obviously never tried them.  Cheetos has a commercial where two construction workers are inside of home they are building, dancing with the Cheetos tiger, and they exclude another member of their team by telling him they’re not dancing; you can clearly see them dancing since the house is not actually built with walls yet.

The commercial is funny. It strikes interest because it doesn’t necessarily sell the product directly, but it does notify the consumers what the commercial is for because of their mascot. The company briefly advertises ‘take a Cheetos break’ at the end, but doesn’t make that the basis for the commercial.

Go ahead and YouTube the video if you need to, but the chances you remember this commercial are high.

How it Drives Traffic

If you went ahead and looked the commercial up, not because you didn’t remember it but because you know it’s hilarious, then the answer is obvious.

Advertising drives traffic because it’s piques the interest of the audience. Nobody is going to look up a boring ad and show it to their friends or family. Advertisements are what make the sale for your business when words are not always available. Even if at the moment, the advertisement doesn’t say a whole lot but only strikes the humor nerve inside of the consumer, imagine what they’re thinking when they’re at the store passing through the chips aisle.

“Remember that Cheetos commercial? Let’s buy some.” It’s almost instinctive for them to look back and remember a funny moment and connect with it enough to make a purchase. This can drive traffic for anything – whether you’re in the tasty chip business or sell heating pads.

What Needs to Change

If you’re realizing that there are many aspects of your advertising that need work, change them! As simple as it sounds, it truly is. Find out what works for your business because all businesses are different.

While using humor if you’re in the business of funeral homes may not be the best decision, utilizing emotions that are memorable, including sadness can be a beneficial way to market to the consumers. Ask yourself other questions, such as:

  • What part of the advertisement could you relate to?
  • Did the ad strike up any memories from your past?

If your advertising isn’t striking any emotions and is only selling the product, then you’re doing something wrong. Much of the population is well aware that commercials and advertisements are solely used to sell a product, so they want to be wooed. Blow them away with an ad rather than sticking to the guidelines of what an ad should be.

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