Creative Valentine’s Day Marketing for Small Business

valentine-day-marketing-300x300  The most important thing to remember about any seasonal campaign is that you have to find a way to tie in the theme of the holiday or event into your products and services. Valentine’s Day is all about showing love to the romantic partner in your life, and to other people in your life. However, a Valentine’s Day campaign may not be appropriate for every business. For example, law firms would have a difficult time with this one unless they were involved in a local community charity that used Valentine’s Day as a day for people to show love to those less fortunate. The law firm’s sponsorship of that charity would provide branding opportunities that are not obvious and sales-y, because they are tied-in to a worthwhile endeavor.

I also think targeting families is worthwhile, because not every customer has a significant other, so remember that the overarching theme of Valentine’s Day is love. Target families by featuring your products and services that people can gift as gives to loved ones. That means promoting package deals and discounts on social media sites that give customers an incentive to show their love by buying what you’re offering.

Valentine’s Day-themed contests are a fun way to engage your audience and involve them in your campaign. Snapchat and Instagram stories has changed the game when it comes to visual content, so using those platforms for contests can generate a lot of brand awareness. For example, an ecommerce site that sells hats could hold a contest that asks users to send in pictures and videos of them wearing the craziest they own.  Allowing users to customize those hats could make the contest even more fun. You could have followers vote on their favorites, which boosts engagement, and the winners would receive a free hat of their choice up to a specific price.

If you can find creative ways to use the theme of love (in the previous example, it was the audience’s love of hats), you can then create interesting Valentine’s Day campaigns that take advantage of the theme, while giving you more opportunities for conversions.

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