Characteristics of Website Landing Pages that Demand Results

characteristics-of-website-landing-pages-that-demand-results  The landing page is the page on your website that highlights a specific product that you offer. It is referred to as a landing page due to the fact that this is where you want people to land when you direct them from sources such as affiliate links, social media, email newsletters and more.

The goal of your landing page should be to convert the interest in your products and services into leads, or, even better, sales. One way you can look at your landing page is as a sales person that works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

One of the major problems that is seen with landing pages is that your visitors are not told what to do or what action to take when they arrive. This means that they also do not likely produce the outcome that you intended.

Creating Your Landing Page

If you are planning to launch a new service, product or even cause, you need a quality landing page. This can be your home page, or it may be a separate page completely. The point is that there is a specific destination.

In addition to your specific destination, you need to have a page that clearly states what the visitor needs to do next. There are seven specific characteristics of landing pages that will get results for your website. Knowing what they are and how to develop them can mean the difference in visitors that turn into sales and a landing page with a high bounce rate.

Number 1: The Headline

When visitors arrive on your landing page, the first thing they should notice is your headline. This is the product or service that you are trying to sell. This is the most important feature of the landing page. If you cannot draw in your visitors with the headline, they will not take time to see what the rest of the page has to say.

Number 2: Your Sales Copy

You need to have compelling sales copy that will address your visitors concerns and problems and that explains clearly why the product or service that you are offering is the solution for these issues. Additionally, you need to ensure that the sales copy makes your visitors an deal that they cannot receive.

Number 3: Photos of Your Product

You have to have pictures of what you are trying to sell. Consider 3D imaging that will allow your visitors to have a virtual experience when looking at your landing page.

Number 4: Testimonials for Your Product or Services

Noting will convince a visitor to purchase a product or service from you more than testimonials. Getting your testimonials is the key. Consider asking your readers for testimonials for the products or services that you offer.

Number 5: Offer a Guarantee

There are many people that are still quite nervous about purchasing something online. This is only enhanced if they have never purchased something from you before. There is no question that they can come up with a thousand reasons why they should not purchase from you. The key is for you to make it easy. This can be done by taking the risk away from the transaction. This can be done by promising a refund if they are not completely satisfied with your product. This way there is no risk associated with the purchase.

Number 6: Create Your Offer

Remember, people equate value by the price of an item. In many cases, something that is listed at a higher price point will be deemed higher quality and make visitors more willing to spend more.

Number 7: A Clear and Strong Call to Action

You have to create a call to action that tells your visitors exactly what they should do next. This needs to be in a place where it will be clearly seen, as well. The most popular placement for your call to action is in the top right hand corner.

You need a landing page that will deliver results and sales for your site. If you are going to convert your readers into spending customers, then you need to have a solid landing page, which can be created with the tips found here.

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