Automate Lead Qualification with a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of a Realtorโ€™s job. Lucky for you, Facebook has become a Realtorโ€™s best friend, and provides an almost limitless supply of leads, right at your fingertips.

But who has the time to generate leads manually when youโ€™re so busy trying to sell a clientโ€™s home and/or find a new home for one of your buyer clients?

The answer is next to no one…

The good news is that you no longer have to worry about manually culling leads online, reaching out to these leads and then qualifying them personally. Instead, you can set up an automated process that will do all of this for you through Facebook Messenger Chatbots.

Our Facebook Messenger Chatbots are designed specifically for you, the busy real estate professional, to make your job easier and help you land more clients without the typical hassle of wading through leads to see if they are warm.

Why Facebook Messenger


The first question you might be asking yourself is why you should use Facebook Messenger as part of your digital marketing strategy. Simply put, the proof is in the stats:

  • Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users
  • There are 260 million new conversations started daily
  • More than 2 billion messages are sent each month between people and businesses on Facebook Messenger
  • Messenger marketing has an open rate around 80% – this is much, much higher than email marketing
  • Facebook Messenger messages have a high click-through rate of a whopping 20%

Most important, however, is the fact that responses to Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns can be automated through chatbots.

How Facebook Messenger Chatbots Work


Running Facebook ads is a great way to generate leads for your real estate business. The beautiful part about them is that you can direct the clicks and traffic from your Facebook ad to Facebook Messenger, which provides you with a more formal line of communication to the people who actually do respond to your ads.

The challenge, however, is that this requires a lot of manual work to qualify the lead, including asking:

  • Whether they are a potential buyer or seller
  • If they are a buyer, how much they have to spend on a house, and details surrounding the house theyโ€™re looking for (location, style, bedrooms/bathrooms, etc.)
  • If they are a seller, where their house is located, details of the home and how much they would like to list for

As someone who is constantly on the run, we know that itโ€™s not always easy to communicate in an effective and professional manner when youโ€™re reading and responding to these types of messages on your phone.

And with one of our Facebook Messenger Chatbots, you no longer have to!

Our chatbot will automatically respond to leads generated from your Facebook ads and qualify them… without you ever having to lift a finger!

The Facebook Messenger Chatbot Will Be Customized to You


We will configure your Facebook Messenger Chatbot to you, your agency/brand and your needs. What this means is that we will build templates into your chatbot based off of the questions you typically ask a potential buyer or seller to qualify them as a warm lead.

Your chatbot will automatically begin asking the lead these questions when they respond to your Facebook ad, which will take them to a new Facebook Messenger window with you. Through the leadโ€™s responses, you’ll then be able to set up a day and time to either follow up via a telephone conversation or an in-person meeting.

By setting up a marketing campaign that integrates with our Facebook Messenger Chatbot, youโ€™ll be automating the important – yet also time-consuming – task of qualifying your leads, which will free up more of your time so that you can close more deals and better service new clients from warm leads that have already been qualified for you.

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