Allowing Reviews to Positively Affect your Business

typingonlaptop-300x199  Thanks to the Internet, everyone has a voice.

Whether it’s one you want to hear or not, people are more than willing to express their opinion in multiple outlets from social media to review boards. In fact, even if a customer is dissatisfied with a minor aspect of your business, you can guarantee that a negative review will be left for the world to see.

Reading negative reviews can put a damper on your self confidence as well as your confidence in your business. Even after reading positive reviews, the negative ones stick in your head like gum on a hot sidewalk.

So how do you handle dealing with these reviews?

Embrace the Negative

You are going to read reviews from people who do not like your brand. It’s almost inevitable. If you’re successful, you will make enemies. Even if your product is flawless, there will be someone who is displeased with your services or even worse, someone who is displeased with your success. Competitors or loyal competitor customers will go out of their way to badmouth your brand or name because they don’t want you to succeed.

The only way to avoid letting the dissatisfaction pass you by is to embrace the fact that negative reviews are going to exist. Don’t let it get you down. Just like anything else, brush your shoulders of an unhappy customer.

Better yet, if there is something a customer was displeased with that is able to be changed or fixed, do what you can to improve your product.

Think of it as constructive criticism, but from someone who doesn’t know how to be constructive.

Respond when necessary

Did you read a bad review and remember that specific instance, knowing your business was truly not at fault but the consumer decided to make it look like it was anyway?

It’s okay to respond to negative comments in a positive way. Remind the customer of your policy or that you were willing to work with them in changing the way they felt by offering a discount or refund. It’s not hard to forget some of the clients or customers that really get your blood boiling and if the experience was that dissatisfying for them, the chances they left a negative review are high.

Another way to show clients that you don’t let the negativity ruin your brand is to respond to positive reviews as well. Show the audience that you appreciate their loyalty and you don’t only concern yourself with the negative reviews. This can prove to customers that you go out of your way to handle their issues.

Everything stays online

Yes, everything does stay online. Your parents told you to never post anything you didn’t want people to see because it would never leave the Internet. They were right.

Don’t make rash decisions and post a nasty response to a customer who left your business a poor review. You can wind up saying things that you never meant to or making your brand look immature. Plus, with the technology of a screenshot, whatever you say can be photographed and saved for life.

Ask yourself –is it worth ruining your entire brand and everything you’ve worked for to reply to a few measly negative comments? The answer should be no.

When responding, choose words and remarks that show you empathize with their issues and what you can offer to fix them. If they continue to leave negative comments, apologize for the inconvenience and move on. There is no sense in trying to make a brick wall budge.

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