8 Mobile Apps Marketers Can’t Live Without

app-1013616_960_720-1  There is nothing like getting a smartphone for the first time and having the opportunity to choose from millions of apps. You feel like a kid in a candy store and can get whatever you want! But as an inbound marketer, there are just some apps you cannot live without. Putting aside the obvious social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, here are 8 other mobile applications that will change your life as a marketer (seriously).

1. Evernote: The App to Organize Your LifeScreenshot_7

Ever conjure up an idea for the greatest blog post while you were commuting to or from work? The most brilliant ideas often happen when you are on the go; when you aren’t thinking about work, and, of course, you don’t have a pen and paper handy. But Evernote is not just any other note-taking app. You can write a few sentences, or you can write a few paragraphs. You can tag your notes. You can organize them into folders. You can give them attachments. The best part? It will then sync with your computer or iPad to directly transfer your information. You no longer need to worry about forgetting a blog post idea or a concept for your next marketing campaign!

2. Starbucks: The App to CaffeinateScreenshot_8

Starbucks has one of the strongest brands in the world. In fact, it seems like everywhere you turn, there is a Starbucks (and maybe even more than one)! The Starbucks app allows you to load money onto your account and pay in-store by simply scanning the bar code on the app. It also keeps track of your Starbucks rewards loyalty program. Not only do you not have to keep track of your cash or credit card, but it makes the transaction process quicker and easier. Need a mid-afternoon caffeine fix to get you through blogger’s block? Use this app to take a break and refuel!

3. Instagram: The App to Capture MemoriesScreenshot_9

Instagram has forever changed photo sharing and is exclusively for iPhone users. Many people post pictures to Twitter and separately upload them to Facebook, Flickr, and other services. But with Instagram, you can take a picture, apply various filters to the images, and post them to other social networks. You can also comment directly on the pictures from Instagram. This tool can be great for your Instagram marketing campaigns, allowing you to easily document and promote your campaign through this popular channel. Whether you want to show off your awesome marketing event or creatively showcase your products, all you have to do is “Instagram it.”

4. Yelp: The App to Help Decision-MakersScreenshot_10

Need to figure out where to go for dinner? Or maybe a historical site? Forget the address? Need to read reviews? The Yelp app brings all of this right to your mobile device. It even has a feature that enables you to hold up your phone and literally see businesses that are near you and whether or not they are open. As a business owner, you can create a profile on Yelp, encourage your visitors to write reviews, and connect to your Facebook, Twitter, and website directly from within the app. It’s a great way to market your business and offer incentives that can easily be relayed back to your customer base.

5. Google Voice: The App to Simplify VoicemailsScreenshot_11

By the 3rd time you call into your voicemail, you basically have the automated response memorized. You know when to type in your password, when to press pound, and how to erase the message without the prompts. Google Voice takes care of this annoyance by transcribing your voicemails and allowing you to play them directly from the mobile app without logging into your voicemail or typing in a password. The days of losing track of all your work calls are gone, as you can keep track of your correspondence with customers, prospects, and partners right within the app.

6. Dropbox: The App to Easily ShareScreenshot_12

One of the most frustrating error messages you can get is when Gmail tells you your file is too big to send us an email attachment. That’s where Dropbox comes in. As a marketer, you likely have to deal with huge files from time to time, and you need a way to share them with your colleagues on a regular basis. Dropbox will automatically update files that are in your folders as you edit them. Better yet, transferring from your mobile device to your computer is as simple as uploading from the app on your phone.

7. Amazon: The App to See Your OptionsScreenshot_13

As a marketer, you sometimes need to make purchases to complement your campaigns. This is where Amazon comes in handy. You can immediately compare prices for all your marketing needs by simply looking them up on your phone while you are in the store (and possibly even ordering them from Amazon!). The Amazon mobile app is easy to use and will help you complete your campaign.

8. App Store: The App to Buy More AppsScreenshot_14

As marketers, we ALWAYS want more. All of the apps mentioned in this post will help you be more efficient and effective in your marketing initiatives, but don’t stop there! Look for more! Seek out other apps and other ways they can integrate into your latest campaigns and marketing initiatives. Why stop when you are on a roll?

As a marketer, what’s your favorite mobile app?


About the Author

Rachel Leist is the Director of Marketing for the New Business Team at HubSpot. In this role, she oversees growth marketing, the North America regional team which consists of sales enablement and field marketing, and global email and messaging. In her free time, she enjoys photography, running, and spending time with her dog.

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