6 Tips for Simple and Successful Video Content

camera-2125549_640-250x159  Video content is king on social media. On Facebook alone, videos are played 8 billion times a day, yet many marketers still shy away from incorporating videos into their marketing strategy. Creating great video content can be a daunting and overwhelming task when so many companies are consistently publishing social content filmed by professional film crews. But the good news is that creating successful social video content of your own doesn’t need to be nearly as complicated as you might think.

Here are 6 tips for creating great video content that converts with a no-frills approach.

  1. Keep It Simple – Your video doesn’t need to be fancy to serve its purpose. There’s absolutely no need for an elaborate set or high-end editing skills for an effective piece of content. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you can be seen and heard – viewers are unlikely to stick around if they can’t understand the message. And if you’re filming from a phone, you should invest in a tripod to hold your phone steady – no one likes looking at shaky footage.
  2. Give Value – Great video content rarely comes in the form of a sales pitch. Viewers want to watch content that provides value. Create content that helps them solve their problems and you’ll quickly build a loyal following. For some inspiration, watch how HGTV hooks their audience with simple and practical DIY guides for creating useful household items.
  3. Entertain – Sometimes a short video that provides a bit of entertainment value is all you need to connect with your audience. People love coming across content that makes them smile or laugh. Take a look at this humorous video from Ikea promoting their anti-slip mats for inspiration.
  4. Get Your Employees Involved – Get the whole crew involved in the video creation process. Audiences love getting to know who’s behind their favorite brands, so try doing a Q&A or a quick how-to tutorial with the team. Barry Feldman, a marketing expert, suggests giving viewers a behind the scenes view and to, “take the camera all around the office or through a department and have everyone speak briefly to a specific topic. Maybe roundup a variety of answers to the same question.”
  5. Keep It On the Shorter Side – Your video content doesn’t need to be long to be beneficial. Shorter videos are more likely to be seen all the way through – if they’re too long, people might lose interest and scroll past. This Mother’s Day video from Dunkin’ Donuts is only a few seconds long, and it’s still extremely effective and shareable.
  6. Repurpose Other Content – You don’t need to craft a groundbreaking script for all of your videos. Try looking to other content that you’ve already had success with. If you wrote a blog that your audience connected with, take a few key points from it and turn it into a video.

Fancy videos created by professional filmmakers are definitely an effective marketing tool, but simple videos will still give you great results. And when you can create video that’s entertaining or that gives your customers value, they’ll share it with others and you’ll have even more eyes on your content.

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