4 Reasons Why Nobody Is Reading Your Blog

blogging  When it comes to content marketing, writers often spend days researching their material and writing what they consider to be a successful copy.

After posting it to your blog, you anxiously wait for comments or shares from your audience – only to find that those shares never come. Your spelling is perfect; your grammar is unbeatable; and your content is compelling, so what’s the problem?

There are actually four reasons why nobody is reading your blog. Before you abandon your high-horse, see if any of these reasons apply to you.

You Have No Blog Promotion

You may post links to your website or share your products all over the place, but if you’re not promoting your blog, why do you expect anyone to be reading it?

It’s easy to share your products or services through Facebook or LinkedIn, but promoting your blog can allow your customers to get to know more information about how your company will serve them and why they need to become involved.

Switch from writer to marketer and promote your blog content through social media, mailing lists and any other websites that will allow you to contribute articles.

You’re Being Selfish

Re-read your blog content; are you writing about things that you want your customers to know or things that they want to know?

When you sit down to write content for your blog, you should be considering your customers and their needs and personalities. What is it they want to know about? How will your products solve their problems? Sure, your customers want to know a little bit about your website and company, but that is what an ‘about me’ section is for.

It’s important to please your customers first; slip in a few promotions and advertisements, but give them what they want.

They Said It Better

If you’re wondering who ‘they’ is, it’s probably your inspiration or whoever you’ve gathered ideas for blogs from.

Whether you’re stemming inspiration from bigger companies or simply trying to use their successful methods, it is crucial to stay unique to your brand and your business. Every audience is unique to the business they are following; if you get too caught up in copying someone else, you will lose focus and steer your content off track. If your customers are taking the time to visit and read your blog, give them something different that your competition isn’t doing.

You’re Boring

Despite how well you’ve written an article, if it isn’t interesting to the customer, they aren’t going to care about it. It doesn’t matter how interesting you think it is and it doesn’t matter what you’re writing about; everything has an interesting angle.

If you want your blog to have a formal and credible tone, that’s understandable, but it doesn’t have to look like a college term-paper. Use content that your customers can relate to or would like to share with their friends and family. For example, use a little humor in your blog or add notes on the side using sarcasm to keep the attention of the audience if your content seems a little boring.

Content marketing through a blog can be an effective way to reach out to your audience, but it only matters if your blog is being read. To get more marketing tips and advice, contact us today for more information.

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