4 Ideas for Email Marketing on Valentine’s Day

emailvalentine-300x300  So much focus is placed on marketing during holidays like Christmas and New Year’s that Valentine’sĀ day is often forgotten. As sales during the love-focused holiday increase, so too does the need forĀ Valentine’s Day marketing. Data recorded by the National Retail Federation estimates that a total ofĀ over $18 billion dollars will be injected into the economy due to the holiday.

Needless to say, businesses benefit from Valentine’s Day focused marketing.

February 14th approaches quickly, but an effective email newsletter can still make its way to loyal andĀ potential customers. Here are four ideas to get the arrow flying.

Customer/Business Relationships

Everyone wants to feel like they are loved, even your customers. Consider sending a thank you onĀ Valentine’s day to all email subscribers and loyal customers. A simple, well timed gesture helps toĀ foster a consumer base which is engaged and devout.

Much like a human relationship, business and customer relationships require consistent communicationĀ on the part of both parties. A little link at the end of the Valentineā€™s Day marketing message which asksĀ ā€œhow are we doing?ā€ or ā€œwhat can we improveā€ allows for helpful two-way communication.

Consider All the Single Ladies (and Men)

The field of customers which will treat themselves this Valentine’s Day includes more than justĀ couples. Retail outlets can take advantage of some 60% of sales that come from purchases made forĀ friends and families. A small sale event this Valentine’s Day can lead to big results.

Also, consider sending out email newsletters that are tailored to single individuals. The loyalty andĀ goodwill that comes from such actions often lasts longer than traditional Christmas and ThanksgivingĀ marketing. Create a newsletter or marketing message that shows the singles your business hasn’tĀ forgotten them.


If you are already sending out a message this Valentine’s Day, remember to analyze the statistics of theĀ response. Certain times of day are more active during holidays, and it is helpful to record successes andĀ failures. Send messages out at different times of the day to different parts of a mailing list. Compile theĀ results.

If the results of one time slot are better than another, use those statistics in next year’s Valentine’s DayĀ marketing efforts. A consistent, well-timed, Valentine’s themed sale or newsletter is usually moreĀ successful than a one hit attempt.

Keep Eyes Wide Open

Since Valentine’s Day is so near, coming up with topics and copy that is relevant to your specificĀ business can be challenging. This season, remember to keep all eyes peeled for engaging content.Ā Consider creating a doc that details different ideas gleaned from this season. Competition andĀ marketing wizards can provide a slue of ideas for specific holiday events.

This Valentine’s Day, remember your customers and see your business blossom.

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