4 Essentials to Keep in Mind when Hiring a PR/ Marketing Agency

agency-300x245  You have just established your company or business and youโ€™re excited about it and canโ€™t wait to share your story. To get the word out, brand promotion may be underway however, you soon realize that you havenโ€™t determined out how to pitch ideas, track media hits, or respond to journalists and the public properly. If you find yourself stuck, then itโ€™s probably time to hire a professional marketing agency.

Digital marketing and PR professionals can give you a great head start as an entrepreneur since they are able to get you connected to media outlets, journalists, and industry players. Beyond that, they can help you chart the treacherous waters of business promotion easily. Thus, before you sign a contract, there are four things that you need to take into consideration in order to uplift and promote your brand:

  1. Focus on Quality not Quantity
    Many entrepreneurs think that brand promotion is tied to numbers. Sharing your story to media outlets is all about promoting your brand to your target audience, not the masses. Good PR agencies will secure meaningful brand interviews and not just woo media to get hits that wonโ€™t make an impact on your audience.
  2. Know who you are working with
    You have to figure the people who will work for your brand as PR firms deploy small teams per clients. Know the contact person and at least an industry professional that has strong working relationships with media outlets and industry players youโ€™re keen to partner with.
  3. Know Resources at Your Disposal
    You also have to think carefully about the resources that you have access to when promoting your business.ย Social media and writing resources such as press release are two key resources that define a successful PR campaign. Youย have to be certain that you will get fantastic press releases, tweeting support, messaging docs, over and above theย introduction to media fraternity.
  4. How will you measure success?
    If you pose this question to a results-driven PR agency, then youโ€™re most likely to get an answer in the form of analytics. Your agency should provide you with a daily, weekly, or monthly outlook of media reports that give you a good picture of how media outlets are promoting your brand and your niche.

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