4 Creative Ways to Earn Passive Income Online in 2021

Are you confronted with the question of how to earn extra cash? The answer is obvious: “start a side business or work extra hours.” But how is this even possible with the continuous surge in COVID-19 numbers and its crippling effect on businesses? With 1 in every 4 Americans expected to work from home in 2021, making extra money online has generated much interest as many individuals may be restricted to their homes’ confines. If you are ready to earn some extra income while online, here are some proven ideas worth exploring.

1. Start a YouTube Channel


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Making video content for YouTube is a popular pastime for many people. Most people can make a recording with a top-notch camera or just your smartphone. What’s more, your video can be just about anything – gaming, sports, crypto, makeup, or just keeping up with someone’s everyday life or vlogging. The prospects are unlimited. You will need to spend time creating videos and also go through editing if necessary. After completion, you upload the video to the YouTube platform and earn automated revenue for a long while. You earn income from Google ads displayed on your recordings.

2. Sell Your Photos Online

Like millennials, are you crazy about your photography? If yes, then you have an excellent source to make some income with your photos. Websites like iStockphoto and Shutterstock will pay you to post your pictures on their platforms. You get paid a fixed amount or rate anytime a client purchases your photographs. You can make a good deal of cash with a decent portfolio. The entire process is automated, so you only have to post your photos. This shouldn’t be difficult.

3. Trade Your Products Online

While creating your items to trade online can seem a broad subject, you can sell pretty much everything. You can make your products or have them delivered economically from countries like China, although the former promises better profit margins, flexibility, and enhanced sales prospects. You can develop your website where people can purchase your items or place them on big market platforms like Amazon, which has more immense sales prospects. Are you considering buying from other local producers? You can save money on UPS shipping rates to take care of your orders and save you time for other tasks.

4. Create an App


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Creating a mobile application is an excellent approach to investing your time and resources to rake in returns over the long haul. Your app could be a game or an app that helps users perform daily tasks they find challenging or difficult. Once you go public with your app, users can download and begin to earn either from the download or displaying ads. According to statistics, the two primary app markets: iOS and android, generated a whopping $31.9 billion in mobile app revenues from in-app purchases, subscriptions, and app purchases in the 2020 last quarter alone.

Although passive income earning trends are continually changing, there is always one to suit your skill and lifestyle. The only challenge is the enormous competition since the virtual market is becoming saturated with many people working online. Yet, passive income online is worth considering as a side gig.

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