3 Smart Strategies to Stand Out on LinkedIn

linked-in-2668692_640-250x156  With millions of users logging in everyday, LinkedIn can be the perfect place to grow your professional network and promote your business. Having access to so many people with similar networking intentions is obviously beneficial, but it can also pose a problem – there’s a lot of people competing for recognition.

So how do you stand out on LinkedIn in order to generate new leads and form new partnerships? These 3 simple strategies will help you stand out from the crowd.

Participate in Groups

Groups are a great way to get your name out there on LinkedIn. Not only are LinkedIn groups the perfect place to network with professionals outside your circle – they’re also an ideal place to connect with target customers. Jumping in to group conversations is a great way to establish yourself as a knowledgeable pro in your field and get your name recognized.

For example, in the Independent Restaurant Owner Group, one marketer posted an article about turning your restaurant a football fan’s paradise. Not only is this information useful for the people who own restaurants and want to attract NFL fans, but it also opens up the opportunity for conversation between members who want to share their tips or ask questions.


Teach Them Something

LinkedIn is a great place to share relevant industry news. But because the content posted there tends to have a more professional tone, many people find themselves stuck for content ideas. For the most part, people are on LinkedIn to advance their career, network, and learn new industry information so content that educates audiences tends to do well. How-to guides and informative lists are among the most popular types of posts on LinkedIn, giving you an opportunity to reach audiences with content that has value and also helps solidify your reputation as an expert.

Blogging expert and content creation manager Anja Skrba also advises that you post longer content for better engagement. She says that, β€œthe people who spend time on LinkedIn are generally looking for long-form content, so you should always publish lengthy articles, as they have proven to generate more views, likes, and shares.”

Be Visual

Graphics and pictures are an important part of making your content stand out on LinkedIn. Posts that include an image generate more engagement than ones that feature text alone, yet people tend to leave them out on LinkedIn more than they would on other networking sites.

Try using images that show a more personal side of your company like Dick’s Sporting Goods does to introduce followers to the team behind the brand.


Other types of images that tend to generate high engagement on Instagram are infographics and pictures that include powerful or motivational quotes. These images can accompany full-length blog posts, or function as stand-alone posts. Either way, audiences are likely to connect with an eye-catching image on their feed.

Learning how to stand out on Linkedin is definitely a bit different than it is on other social sites, so it can take some experimenting to find your groove. But when you take the time to create compelling content, post compelling visuals, and join in on the conversation, you’ll be generating leads and growing your network in no time.

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