3 Reasons No One is Filling Out Your Landing Page Form

typingonlaptop-300x199  No matter how much time you spend online, visiting various pages and researching information, most people do not look forward to filling out forms on websites. In fact, this has led to the extreme popularity of Google’s AutoFill, which limits the amount of time that has to be spent filling out mundane and tedious forms.

However, if you have an online site, part of growing your business is posting online forms and getting people to fill them out. Some of the most common reasons why visitors to your website may not be filling out your landing page forms are listed here, which means if you want more visitors to actually convert, you need to stay clear of these mistakes.

You have a Generic Landing Page

If you have a landing page that simply says visitors should β€œcontact us,” you are not going to have too many conversions. Even if you have a specified drop-down menu to show what the inquiry is about (Support, PR, Sales, etc.), this is too generic for the majority of visitors to your site, which results in them bouncing off the page.

If you don’t specify a single, clear and compelling reason visitors should fill out your form, it is almost guaranteed they will not complete it. Your landing page needs to be a gate for other offers such as trials, consultations, free demos, guides, templates, ebooks, etc. The key is to have a clear value proposition, instead of just a general β€œcontact us” form.

There are too Many Distractions

If there are too many options present on your landing page, it can make your visitors feel overwhelmed. When you do not make it crystal clear what you want a visitor to do next, or offer too many different options, there is a good chance they will do something besides filling out your form, or just leave the page altogether.

In order to get more visitors to fill out your form you will have to eliminate all the distractions, such as a navigation bar that creates a path further down the marketing funnel; this should be saved for your website’s thank you page.

The Form is too Long

You may have done it all right: one single, enticing and clear offer on the landing page, free from any distractions, but still see no results in having the form filled out. In most cases this will be because the form is just too long. In order to determine the right length for your form, consider it as a currency for your offer, the length should be equivalent to the value of the offer.

The more valuable the offer, the more information a visitor will be willing to give. However, if you are only offering a simple one-page how-to guide, keep the form short and sweet.

With a few quick fixes, you can easily turn around your less-than-impressive conversion rates and be well on your way to hitting your goals. The top factors to remember when making these fixes is that you create an offer that is enticing and your form is easy; this will help you increase your conversion rates by a significant amount.

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